November 16, 2015

Miracle Maker: A Christmas Tale

How many of you love Christmas movies? I try to add a new favorite to my library each year and I have one to recommend this year. Miracle Maker is a story about how a complete stranger can change the entire dynamic of a town. By working small acts of love and service, hearts are healed, forgiveness forged and happiness returns to the residents of Woodhaven.
John Lyde and Sally Meyer once again combine their talents as director and screenwriter. The two have previously collaborated on popular films Christmas for a Dollar, Christmas Oranges, He Knows My Name, Abide with Me, Minor Details, , and You’re So Cupid. “It’s my hope that after watching Miracle Maker, families will understand that you can make your own miracles,” Lyde says. “Our message to audiences is that if you need a change in your life, you can create the change yourself.”
Taken from Deseret Book's website:
~~~"The Miracle Maker is coming!" If any town is in need of a miracle, it’s Woodhaven, a tiny town hanging on the edge of the American frontier. It’s nearly Christmas, but it’s hardly a season of celebration. Work is scarce, money is tight, love is lagging, and spirits are down. Maybe the Miracle Maker can turn things around. The town anxiously waits for someone magnificent who can change their lives. But the ragged traveller who appears isn’t what anyone expects—except for one small silent boy and a precocious little girl. It seems this man can barely take care of himself, let alone fulfill the dreams of others. But miracles can come in all shapes and sizes—and sometimes from unexpected places. Your entire family will love this Christmas tale of hope, love, and miracles. ~~~
My neighbor and I both loved watching this movie. And I love it when I find a clean, wholesome, family friendly show that teaches values that seem to be lacking in today's society. I strongly recommend this movie. It would make a great gift to your family, friends and neighbors. You can purchase it at DESERET BOOK, AMAZON, COSTCO or wherever LDS products are sold. This movie teaches Christian values but is not an LDS film.


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