October 14, 2007

Double Cheeseburgers

This post is for all the people that have never seen my kids eat. Sometimes I am taken back in awe at how quickly and how much my kids can eat.



JvW said...

So cute! I love Dylan's "lookies" with his mouth wide open.

Team Hanni said...

What is your trick? I still have to beg my children to take each bite! Dinnertime is such a struggle for me......... Your kids are sooooooo cute!

Ang said...

Honestly, my kids will only eat if it's mac and cheese. Do you have a trick???

Jenn said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! My Crazy Robert!!! You have no idea how great it was to hear from you! What a fabulous surprise!!! And look at your beautiful fam!!! Wowie!

We haven't been down mission memeory lane for a while, either. Just last week we started trying to remember people and that's when Josh registered on that site, because it is impossible to find anyone. I'm so glad he did!

Your kids are soooo cute and you look fabulous(as always!). It looks like Dylan and Kate are overflowing with personality, just like their mommy!

Oh man, you crack me up! Of course I remember Fred and how he kissed you and gave you that bracelet. He was totally in love with you and I was happy to let you have him all to yourself! LOL!!! SICK!!!!! Hey, what about dancing to BEAT IT with that crazy ghetto chick?!?! "BEAT IT, GRANDMA!" What in the crap were we doing!!?!?!? Gees, I had nightmares for years that I got called on another mission, pretty much until I got married and knew I was safe.

Congratulations on your green, green grass! And on opening the gym.

Really, it was so good to hear from you. We added you to our blog roll so we can keep in touch!

thebakerbook said...

Er Bear i miss you... will you call me i dont have your phone number anymore!!! :(

Tiffany said...

hey erin! It's so good to see how your beautiful family is doing! Now I can see what your up to through this! I haven't talked to you forever! Call me sometime!
tiffany check