October 8, 2007

Dylan's First Day of Pre-School

It is about time! Finally, two days a week for a total of four hours, Dylan has something to do! I tell you, Dylan is hard to keep entertained. He was so excited to go to Lil' Spuds Campus today! He LET me style his hair, and he LET me brush his teeth. And by LET I mean didn't put up a HUGE fight. It was awesome. Here are a few pictures of Dylan on his first day of Preschool.



JvW said...

He is such a cutie! Congrats on the first day.

Ang said...

That close up picture of Dylan is soooooooo cute. I hope you print it and plaster your wall with it somewhere. Yay for preschool!

Kimm said...

Dylan is such a stud!! I could eat him up!! Did he enjoy school?