August 22, 2007

It's Electric!

Two Days ago I was thrown into sudden panic. I had just sat down in my office when I heard Dylan Scream and then start crying. We all know that kids have many different kinds of crying and we as parents have many different types of reactions. Here are mine...

Types of Dylan Crying & My reaction

1. Fake Cry

Is this kid ever going to shut up?

2. Sad Cry

Oh, bummer...I'm sorry you can't have your way...

3. Going Psycho Cry

Do I need to dunk him in water to get his attention?

4. Buy it for me Cry

How did he get so spoiled so fast?

5. Don't leave me Cry

I love my child so so much. Apparently he loves me too!

6. Scream Cry


So as I was seated at my desk I heard #6. I couldn't think of what could have transpired in the two minutes since I left Dylan in the Play Room until I sat down at my desk. His cry was a high pitch shrill and I knew that he was in pain and that something bad had happened.

When I got to him I couldn't believe my eyes...

Dylan had shoved an old spare car key in one side of the electrical outlet, and a metal spoon in the other.

I didn't know what to do so I just started screaming..."Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!!!"

Dylan survived thank heavens. After he calmed down he did mention to me that he did not like playing with the wholes in the wall.

I think that he got quite a SHOCK!!!

It took me a minute to figure out how to get the metal objects out of the outlet without shocking myself. Think, think, think. Plastic! So I grabbed a rubbermaid container and knocked them out.

I guess today I was smarter than a fifth grader. Wish me luck tomorrow!

Talking Dirty About Flies...

Have you ever had a fly in your house that you just couldn't get ride of? Picture me attempting to swat this one annoying fly that would not leave me alone. This began yesterday.

Folding lands on my to get the swatter...lost fly...doing lands on the to get the fly to be found...etc, etc, etc.

If you have the picture you now understand that I was completely and utterly overcome with happiness and joy when today at approximately 12:46 PM I smashed the little bugger.


"Oh yes I got it, finally...(nearing tears and looking upward) THANK YOU!!! Hey Dylan...I killed the fly"...(thinking to myself that maybe I shouldn't have used such a violent word as kill when talking to a 3 year old)


"Mom, what did you do? (nearing tears and looking upward at me)... Mom!!!"(Screaming and starting to cry and throwing a tantrum as dramatic as they come)


August 14, 2007

Boys Love Toys...

Here are a few pictures of Dylan helping out our landscaper Mike. He was totally in heaven.
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August 13, 2007

Dylan Weighs In...

I about died at the funniest thing Dylan said the other day. I love this age...he comes up with some great stuff all on his own. Enjoy!

Saturday we were on a family outing and drove through Wendy's to get some lunch. Scott turned back to Dylan and asked him what he wanted to eat. Dylan replied,

"Um...I want some DIET FRIES"!

I then snorted, laughted, choked and replied...

"Make that TWO"!!!

August 12, 2007

Kate bug in heels

Well, I'm back! Girls camp was awesome. I'll be posting lots of pictures soon. I just thought I would show you this oh so cute picture of her up!!!
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August 1, 2007

Can somebody say "Black Socks"?

Okay, in traveling through my picture files I ran across some of our wedding photos. I laugh my buns off everytime I look at these. What is up with Scott's Black Socks? Ha ha ha ha ha! What a Dork!




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Reader Beware... was not a great day. The kids were terrible, I had a million things to do, I have 10 blisters on my hands and I'm stinkin' tired. (If you can't gripe on your blog...where can you gripe?) Needless to say, I've posted more pictures of my kids. The process of putting their pictures up helps me remember that I do in fact like them, in fact I love them...and that there have been better days. I'm crossing my fingers for one tomorrow. Peace Out, Lights Out, I'm Out!

Flash Back: Kate 1 Year Ago

Kate bug is so silly. Enjoy!




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Flash Back: Dylan 1 Year Ago

I couldn't resist posting these pictures. Dylan grows so fast. I love checking back on his progress. Pictures taken by Ashlee South.




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Before & After

Clean up on this...NOT FUN!!!




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Anytime Fitness Blackfoot Progress Update

Here is a picture of Scott pre-selling memberships at the Blackfoot location. I also included another picture taken two weeks ago.


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