January 28, 2008

Christmas Card 2007

I know that it is late, but here is the Christmas Card that we sent out. I am trying to compile current addresses for next year, so leave a comment with your current info, or email it to me at erin.anytimefitness@gmail.com.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dear Family & Friends,

We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and great friends. We sincerely hope that your Christmas is filled with wonder and awe, and that miracles and magic light your holiday season. Again, Merry Christmas!

We have had a great year and feel such gratitude for our health, home & family. The past year has found us on the road to self employment which has brought much excitement, followed by a lot of hard work. Scott & a business partner ventured into the health industry and opened 3 Anytime Fitness locations and just purchased land for a 4th. We love the concept of Anytime Fitness and feel blessed to have been able to bring a great fitness facility to the people of Blackfoot, Idaho.

Scott has been a Machine the past year and has amazed me every step of the way. He learned quite a bit about business when he was running the Auto Auction, but watching him start, run and manage 3 businesses this year has left me totally astounded. I am so proud of him and grateful for his hard work and dedication in providing for our family. One of the highlights of the Anytime Fitness Brand is their Mascot, Captain Running Man. Let’s just say that Scott now has his very own $2000.00 custom super hero costume. (Purple Tights and all!) Scott continues to wow everyone with his violin playing, and is asked almost weekly to perform at one function or another. What a blessing his talents are to our family. Scott recently took Dylan on a Daddy/Son over night work trip where they hiked, swam, shopped, ate and stayed in a hotel. Dylan had so much fun with his dad; he was glowing when he got home. Scott continues to be the best father, husband, homemaker, provider, Sunday School teacher, cleaner and friend anybody could ask for!

I (Erin) have also had a busy and fulfilling year. This year my project was designing and having our yard put in. It is so much fun finally having grass. I love it. I can’t wait for the spring to pick out beautiful trees and shrubs to garnish our new landscaping. I served as the camp director in my ward this year and had so much fun spending a week camping in Island Park with the Young Women. I also grew close to the leaders and found many new friends. I have since been called as the Young Women’s Secretary and will also serve as the camp director again. Fun for Me! A new adventure for me will start in 2008 as I am now officially on the Board of the Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce. We will be meeting monthly and I am excited to dive into the community and participate in helping better its business practices and local plans. I also spent a good chunk of my year catching up on three seasons of the Office (I love Dwight Schrute), watching season six of 24 (Jack Bauer is a Rock star). Scott and I recently ran in a Thanksgiving Day 4 mile race and I registered us for the SLC Beat the New Year 5K race on New Year’s Eve. I love it that Scott is willing to jump on board my crazy ideas.

Dylan is my 3-year old little know-it-all. He started Pre-School this year and already knows everything that the other kids are learning. The other day he wanted something to drink. He looked at me and said, “Mom, there are 5 kinds of drinks”, and then counting on his fingers he said, “Juice, Milk, Chocolate Milk, Water and Soda”. And then going back to his third finger he said, “I want Chocolate Milk”. He is so smart. He uses some words that I have never used in my life. I will admit, Thomas the Tank Engine TV shows are so annoying, but Dylan has really mastered the English language watching them. He will even narrate his own stories. Dylan is really loyal to his toy trains and cars. He won’t let them out of his sight. He will carry them all to the breakfast table, and then he will play with them in the tub. He will dry them off and take them in his backpack to Pre-school. He will then tuck them into bed with him. Let’s just say that he takes inventory about 300 times a day and he will know if one is missing. Recently I was laughing at Dylan because he was about to get into the bathtub and he was singing “Look mom, I’m naked…I’m dancing naked!” I was quite embarrassed and amazed at how similar his DNA must be to his fathers, when I noticed that Kate’s hair was falling out. Dylan had cut Kate’s hair in little chunks allover her head. It was pretty hard to be mad at him after the Singing and Naked Dance!

Kate is my 2-year old Angel Baby and she is a delight to have around. She is turning into a little girly, girl and loves picking out crazy outfits and dressing herself. Her favorite thing in the world is shoes and she always has to have a pair on. She doesn’t like to be dirty and if her clothes, shoes or hands get dirty she will throw a fit. She is very independent and has to do everything on her own. She loves to dance and sing. Kate Bug does the funniest things. I spy on her all the time because I don’t want to miss a thing.

Well, as you can see we are doing great and hope that all of you are well and happy. Check in on us during the year at www.petersoncamp.blogspot.com. We love you and wish you all the happiness you deserve.

Love, The Petersons

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