January 29, 2008

Mr. Gifted

Alright, If I can't brag about my child on my own blog, where can I? My little Dylan is a fireball, full of wonder, questions, answers and energy. He never stops, and it has been that way since he was born. Last week I got a call from his pre-school teacher. She explained to me that she wanted to move Dylan up to an older class. She said that he is showing signs of a "Gifted Child" (Yep...those exact words) and that she worries he isn't being challenged enough. I actually have always known that Dylan was a smartie. He remembers everything, has a better vocabulary than I do, and has known his letters and sounds since he was two. His cousins are all equally smart and it is fun watching them learn and discover new things. Anyway, I know that Dylan has great things in store for him and I love it that he is part of our family. And FYI, according to the book of Dylan...Jonah was swallowed by a Shark, not a whale. (That pretty much sums up my know-it-all.)

(Thanks for the picture Kris)

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