January 18, 2008

What's Up With Word Verification

Okay, nobody take offense, but can I just say how badly I hate entering word verification when posting comments on my friends blogs.

Top 5 Reasons why I don't want to enter Word Verification in order to leave a comment.

5. There always seems to be a child screaming in the background when I am trying to post comments on my friends blogs.
4. I usually am about to pee my pants when I am trying to post comments on my friends blogs.
3. I should be working on our taxes while trying to post comments on my friends blogs...thus I am getting paid while wasting company time...feeling guilty...and in a hurry.
2. I have a weird fear always in the back of my mind that my computer is going to explode, or I will push a button and my witty, make you feel good about yourself comment will disappear and I will be left having to retype what I had already written, never in as much detail and never with as much feeling.
1. I can never even read the stinking words anyway...is it an R or a V? I don't know...and I always have to retype the word verification again anyway, totally driving me crazy and leaving me with an anxiety attack and a headache!


Tiffany said...

I agree Erin! It drives me nuts too! Cute blanket! You are so creative!

thebakerbook said...

Girl I feel you. Yesterday i messed up 3 times so finally gave up!