April 9, 2008

Easter In Blackfoot!

Well, Easter here was a lot of fun. Grandma & Grandpa Robert came to town. First on the Agenda was an Easter Egg Hunt at Jensen's Grove. I was amazed how many people came out.

Jensen's Grove

Dylan & Kate
Kate, Papa, Nana & Dylan

Papa & Kate

Kate, Papa, Nana & Dylan Again!

Kate Easter Morning
Easter Morning with Grandparents

Mr. Easter Bunny hid the presents in Dylan's Closet this year.
Mr. Easter Bunny didn't consult with Mrs. Easter Bunny!

Mr. Easter Bunny also didn't tell Mrs. Easter Bunny that he was buying his own Easter Baskets for the kids. Mr. Easter Bunny was happy to eat the extra Candy that Mrs. Easter Bunny had purchased.
Nana Snoozing on the couch with her Heating Pad...
Old, but Cute!
Papa played Lego's with Dylan for about 6 hours. What a patient and kind Grandpa.

Kate flirting with Grandpa

Mom & Dad, thanks for coming to visit us. We love it when you come. It was fun going to the Egyptian exhibit and Texas Roadhouse. We sure love you!
See you soon!


Anonymous said...

What a darling picture of your dad with your little girl. that is one for a frame!

coco said...

So, so cute! I love Kate's dress--she reminds me so much of you (the flirting and all!). She looks just like I remember you looking. And your dad looks just like Bob Barker:) Thanks for sharing!

Misti said...

Your kids are so cute! Where in the world did you get Kates dress?

Ammon and Brooke said...

Ok seriously- why does your mom look likes she's 20? I hope I look that good when I'm a grandma!

Katie said...

Your kids are great! It is fun to see your parents too. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were roaming the old neighborhood with Hollie. Those were great times!

Hansen said...

I was thinking the same thing as Kate! Love Marn & Deed. And sedimarnsar too.