April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Lizard!

Oh my little Lizard!
Okay, so I can never remember the right day of your birthday. I think it is April 8th, but it sure would be convenient if it were the 9th or 10th because then I wouldn't be late.
Here are a few reasons that I love Lizard...
1. Hair Do Saturday
2. Jericho Road
3. Drinks at Outback
4. Cannoli Mix
5. Mix Cd's
6. Sharing Latinos
7. Speedo Bun's on my leather seat
8. New York Humor
9. Acting Class
10. Speech at her Wedding Luncheon
11. Big Boobs
12. Laugh till I cry
13. Cute Underwear
14. Vic's Girlfriend
15. Ottavio's Rivalry
16. Being around her is like drinking from the fountain of Youth
17. Telos
18. Do friends Kiss?
19. Love her mom
20. Knows how to be a friend
21. Liked boring OLD me
22. Let me color her hair when I was in beauty school. She was my first. SCARY!
23. Little Head
24. Good Shopper.
Liz, I could go on and on.

I love you and I miss you!
Happy Birthday!

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thebakerbook said...

Pear Bear! What a fun tribute to ME!!
I missed yours last month, Kelly Jo's in November and my friend Suzie's in December to don't feel bad for a second. I love and miss you so much! Can we please see each other soon?????