April 29, 2008

USPS Forever!

It has recently come to my attention that stamp prices are yet again, going up. This change is taking place on May 14th and will up stamp prices to .43

  • Let me introduce you all to the United States Postal Service FOREVER STAMP. Now for those of you who are already familiar with the FOREVER stamp...this is a repeat, but for those of you who often times are left in the dark...here is an FYI.
  • FYI: The USPS Forever Stamp can be purchased at the post office for whatever the current stamp price is. However, it is good for FOREVER! Meaning, if your stamps look like the one up in the left corner, you can use them forever, without having to add postage.
  • Why buy anything else. These bad boys will never expire!
( I really never knew these existed. I even traded my unused roll of 100 for 100 forever stamps just today. THANK YOU!)


Julia said...

i just bought two books of these things! phew! :) good to know erin.

Anonymous said...

Ok- so I just read on Kristi's blog that you are going to be at the blog party on Saturday! Oh happy day- I was so sad I didn't get to meet you with the race and all that and now just feel stoked that you are coming! It has been and will be SUCH a fun night. Woohoo!

JP said...

I just learned about these, too! It's one of my favorite ideas from USPS...

The favorite idea being SELF ADHESIVE stamps. :)

Hansen said...

Doh! I just bought a roll of 100 from Costco last month!