May 1, 2008

My Week In Review...

Well, here is a rundown of my week at large...

Scott sent me flowers to congratulate me on my 1/2 Marathon and to remind me how totally Awesome he thinks I am. Thanks Honey Dew!

This week was also a test run on living the lifestyle of a FLYlady.
I'll be honest with you, I haven't been able to keep up with them 100%, but I definitely got a lot more accomplished than I normally do, and my house stayed pretty clean.
I even got up the courage to clean out my pantry.

Take a look at the Outback Steakhouse bag of potatoes. This is pretty frightening. Those are sprouts off the potatoes growing out of the bag. Yep, I could plant an entire potato field with that bag of potatoes.

I also experimented with getting up early. I went for a run with my friend Melanie (who doesn't have a blog...what is wrong with her?) This run will have a post of it's own. Anyway, I got home from my run and felt like a Flylady and made my kids waffles. The waffles were starting to get cold and still no sign of the kiddies, so I had to wake them up. Yes you heard me right...I woke my kids up. (This should be outlawed) But I documented their complete surprise and confusion at a hot breakfast and a mom that was up and awake before them.

I also made the fatal mistake of buying my kids Harmonica's. As Kate would call them, 'mama, where is my monica?'
This has proven to be Audible Suicide and I will never forgive myself...although I did take 4 online harmonica lessons yesterday, practiced for an hour, and can now play a killer Three Blind Mice, Amazing Grace, and Pop Goes the Weasel.
Yes, I do find delight in acquiring new musical talent. Especially when it can be mastered in 1 hour.
Other news: Kate has recently become a very naughty, destructive 2 year old. She will not go to bed or take naps.
She tries to be sneaky. Here she is waving her hand through the doorway.
Step one: Wave your hand up and down to see if anyone is paying any attention to you. If you don't hear your mom screaming...proceed to step two.
Step Two: Peek around the corner and try to get eye contact. Reach for your mom and give her your cutie smile and see if she screams. If no screaming proceed to step 3. If screaming occurs abort mission and run.
Step Three: Go for it. Just push through that door and know that you are almost there. A few more steps and a little eyelash batting and you just might win. I think mom is giving up the fight.
Yep, it looks like you are going to win...
Sweet Success!!! Let's be honest, she wins 9 times out of 10.
Okay, so notice the above pink blanket that she is clutching as a cherished friend.
Well, the other day I found Kate with a pair of scissors, cutting up her favorite blanket .

She was so not happy with me when I made her bag it and throw it in the trash can.
Cross your fingers that she learned her lesson!!!
Okay, and here is a really gross photo of ants.
NO!!!! Those ants were not in my Potato Pantry!
These ants were in the front of the city swimming pool when I took pictures of our YW the other night. GROSS!!

**** I WON A CONTEST****
Okay Everybody, I won a contest in March and wanted to show you what I won.
The Fabulous Company Writing On The Wall
Picked my quote and Word of the Year as the winner!
Make sure that you check out her fabulous vinyl signage.
I want to say a BIG, HUGE Thank you to Lauralee for picking me!
My Word of the Year is SHINE! I wanted to remember not to hide my light under a bushel.
And My quote of the year is...
I am already discovering that I can do things that I am scared of. I mean I never would have thought that I could run 13.1 miles. But I did. Don't let the fear of failure stop you. Give it a try!
I want to also thank KRISTI
for the best blog around. She has such great idea's and such fun giveaways. Thanks ladies for my great Vinyl Signs. I am continually inspired my by signs everyday!


Misti said...

Erin you are so cute, I am totally stealing your YW blog idea for my ward!!! Hope that is ok.

Hansen said...

I love it Erin, your "Kate sneaky story" was the best! I almost peed my pants laughing at that one!

JP said...

I adore are just the coolest.
And I miss you. Just so you know. :)

Rachel said...

I, too am a fan of Kristi's blog. I almost feel like I should be paying her for all the wonderful ideas I steal!

I love your word of the year! And that quote on your mirror! I must type up my own to hang up.

Nice work on getting up early! It takes a little getting used to, but I am much more awake for my kids than I otherwise would be. I love the pictures of the sleepy eyed littles! So sweet!

kesli said...

I love the new look of your blog. You always make me chuckle when I read your posts. Keep them coming!

coco said...

okay, erin, you make me laugh, you're a good mom and you are so ambitious. i hope someday i can be like you.

Team Hanni said...

Look at you FLY!!!! Those pictures of your kids waking up to waffles is hilarious. So cute!