July 22, 2009

Dreaming complete randomness...

Somewhere between 7:30 am and 8:20 am I had the following dream.

... Casey Nelson and Pete Shumway (both guys I went to school with my whole life) were playing football in some canyon. I was watching them and then became aware of myself hovering over the ground. I could fly. This was fabulous. I yelled to Casey to check me out flying and then I made some stupid joke about playing Quiditch (Harry Potter?) and not needing a broom.

I got a little brave and started flying over the river which was nearby, but then I got nervous and came down with a thud in the river. I looked up to see a HUGE giant Elk right over my head looking very angry. The Elk tried to jump on me and I started running, and my flying powers were gone.

As I ran out of the water I noticed a mountain man looking guy walking into the river and he had goggles on and went under the water. Then I noticed a plastic head pop onto the top of the water. It was a Japanese man mask and was the mountain man's disguise. He was also holding a riffle and as he walked by I noticed that he had a package labeled explosives.

I started running and started yelling to everyone to run. Mass people thought I was crazy and just stood there and I kept running, but I wasn't really able to go anywhere.

And then there was an explosion and it was like the Twin Towers in the news footage. I was running and the entire sky was grey coming towards me.

Then I woke up.

Do you ever dream that you can fly?
Do you ever have guys from high school in your dreams?
Is everything a conspiracy in your dreams?
Can you run fast in your dreams or are you just trying to run but nothing is happening?


Anonymous said...

I usually dream I can transport- not fly. Flying in a dream sounds awesome!

I dream of highschool boys all the time. It is so funny what memories my mind recalls.

I don't think I have ever dreamed of a conspiracy.

Run and going nowhere happens all the time too! I dream I am driving somewhere and the road just keeps going and going.

Ang said...

So is Pete's brother Brandon??? If so, they are totally in my ward. Funny.

That was one crazy dream lady! Are you prego again? ha.

Jenna said...

I have high school friends and old boyfriends appear in my dreams all the time. Weird!!

Anyways love your new potted plants. They look great. Hope things are going great!

everything pink! said...

i have no idea what i did right to deserve that wonderful comment from you. you may have saved my life!!

Hansen said...

I actually saw Pete Shumway right after I had Hadlie, which in reality was a nightmare because he was still cute, and i was still ginormous! I called you today! Love you!

the mows said...

Totally fine! We will look forward to having her next year! Sweet dream by the way!