January 29, 2010

October Fun at the Patterson's in Arizona!

Mid October we had the opportunity of meeting Dustin's girlfriend's family the Patterson's. We were invited to their beautiful home in Gilbert (is that where we were?) and had a blast eating food and carving pumpkins.Here is Eden roaming around the house.
Kate Bug with the pumpkin that I carved for her. I thought it was pretty awesome at first, it was definitely better than Jenna's ;), but then Dustin and Lance had to get involved. They are just slightly competitive or artistic, whatever you want to call it.
Dustin and Jenna
Just dating at the time but now
Dustin in front of the pool. Oh what would it be like to have a swimming pool?
I think I would use it everyday.
All the kids getting excited over fire, candles and pumpkins.
Group shot of everybody's efforts. It was so warm and fabulous.
Oh, how I love Arizona!
I could LIVE there.
Jenna and I snapping a self portrait.
Can I say ...
Young brown beauty on your left...
Old blonde hag on the right.
What is up with wrinkles?
Dyl dog showing off his goods.
Mom and Fat Man just chilling. I was probably too busy eating Jo Ann's amazing
Strawberry and other goodness, Salad. Yum.
Later in the evening...much, much later...everyone just hanging out.
I think we overstayed our welcome.
They had to practically kick us out. We were on vacation and having SO much fun!
How cute is my mom? Do you not just want to squeeze her?
Jenna's mom Leslie being patient with a photo I just quickly snapped.
I hate it when people surprise me and snap my photo's.
Why do I love to do it to other people?
Here is Jayne with the STINKING coolest tights on ever.
She is the baby of the Patterson family and So much fun.

Weird side note: Jenna Patterson is marrying my brother Dustin, but I also have another sister-in-law named Jana Patterson.
Even weirder: Jana Patterson's birthday is on April 23rd, and Dustin and Jenna Patterson are getting married on April 23rd.
This makes things easier for me to remember, that is for sure.
Do you love Arizona?
Do you wish you had a swimming pool?
Are you scared to really address your wrinkle situation?
Does Pumpkin carving get competitive at your house?
Can you get your foot on your head like Jayne?


Erin said...
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Erin said...


Jenna said...

I can't wait for you all to come down again, it'll be another party. Get ready to get your dance on at our reception.

Jamie said...

I am so jealous I couldnt be there! I heard it was so much fun. I hope you enjoyed Gilbert, we love it