March 25, 2010

More Holes!

Do your kids go through pants as fast as mine do?

I hate sending them to school with holes in their pants but I REFUSE to buy them any more pairs of jeans before summer.

Dylan has been through about 13 pair this school year and kate is on her 5th.

Is this something I should just get use to?

So, don't judge me, but my kids are going to look pretty trashy for the next 2 months. Remember, I'm not buying any more pants!

Is it wrong that scrapped knees don't bother me half as bad as holey pants? (Bad mom!)


Anonymous said...

There are a few kids at Mya's school- including Mya!- that are starting to sport this look. I am with ya- if I buy new ones, she will just grow out of them before fall. Not a bad mom- a smart one!

Cara said...

When my kids jeans get like that I just hack off the bottoms above the knee and they have a brand new pair of shorts! Cassidy likes them frayed at the bottom and Amberly likes me to sew ribbon on the edge. It works for us and is a cheap and easy fix. Plus....summer is coming and you are going to need shorts!

Hollie said...

you know i can't judge, you've seen what i let my kids wear. :) hee hee.

The Bowldens said...

i am right there with you! within one month, we have retired three pairs of jeans. this is why i always buy at consignment stores (they are only $5)