April 17, 2010

The cleaning lady

I cleaned out Kate's room today and it was GROSS!!!
 I can't believe all the stuff she hides out of laziness.

Me:      Kate, why is there so much toilet paper in your room.

Kate:    (Blank stare...shoulder shrug) I don't know.

Dylan:   (Yelling from another room) I know...she sucks on it.

Me:       Kate Ryan, you don't suck on toilet paper do you?

Kate:     (Blank stare...no answer)

Me:       Kate, you don't eat it do you?

Kate:    (Blank stare...no answer)

Me:       Kate!!!  You eat toilet paper? That is SOOOO gross!

Kate:    (Serious stare). I like it.

Seriously people?
 My children's behavior can be so disturbing at times.


Dorese @ Dorese's Pieces said...

Oh my goodness! I love your response! :D

marialuigi said...

This is so funny to me. I love that you simply address it...no, "Oh my gosh...my kid eats toilet paper...I wonder what that means..." etc., ad nauseum. Way to take care of business!

Traci said...

Thanks for the giggle, and just think, she could be eating something way more gross. Atleast it's clean toilet paper, right!

Hollie said...

Can I laugh even harder? Max likes to suck on her hair. Just wanted to make you feel better. :)

The Gibson's said...

laughing so hard right now that is good. hahahaha

Jill said...

Ew! This is funny though.