May 2, 2010

I love GRASS.

This makes me laugh.
How cute is it that Sawyer loves to mow the lawn with Scott.

He has to ride on Scott's back for saftey reasons,
otherwise he would be trying to take over control of the lawn mower.

He loves all things that make noise and have wheels.

I should also just mention that he isn't nursing anymore.
He is still a little confused, and grumpy...but he is officially off mom and on the sippy cup.

And I am FOR SURE not the favorite anymore.
Now he wants HIS DAD!

I have to also say THANK YOU to the nursery leaders at church.
It is so nice to have somewhere to let Sawyer run and play,
EVEN though he isn't 18 months yet. SO NICE OF YOU.
Because carrying around a 30+ pound baby for 2 hours of church can kill a person.

So Thanks.


Jill said...

These are adorably funny photos, Scott is a champ for mowing the lawn like this!

Hollie said...

why do you make me laugh so hard?