May 2, 2010

People are GOOD!!!

Look at the picture below.
Here is a guy who looks rough around the edges, but played tick-tac-toe with Dylan
the entire flight to Arizona.

What a GREAT, KIND, NICE guy.

He also works for Boeing, so he talked plane talk to Dylan and helped explain to him the
physics behind flight.

Dylan loved him.

The next guy wasn't nearly as friendly, but Dylan slept on him the
entire flight back so you've got to give him credit for that.

People are good.

And when Dylan woke up and spilled the man's orange juice all over him, the guy didn't swear or anything. So that was nice too.


Jill said...

Wow, I'm impressed with these strangers!

Laurel said...

i've LOVED getting caught up on your blog...from you wanting to cut off your boob (cold turkey...what WERE you thinking) to the talking scissors (she's adorable) to this one (my fave, actually). I just adore you and your life. I really really do.

thanks for sharing.

Cara said...

That is nice! Orange juice all over the dude? How did you like AZ? It's great isn't it!

Hollie said...

that's real nice he didn't swear. lol! you crack me up. casey leaves june 8 through the 12, how does that week look for you? i have tried calling you woman, but it went to voicemail. love ya.