September 28, 2010

Litl' Spuds Campus

Kate has the privilege of attending the greatest preschool on earth. Penny Phillips is the greatest. Kate loves every second of it and always brings home the sweetest things. I loved this project that she put together. And what a cute photo.

And here is one more sweet picture and project from the first day of school.

And I must say that I am pretty impressed with how well my scanner worked. I'm amazed at the detail. Does this mean I can just scan all the take home projects and then chuck them?


Traci said...

what cute ideas along with a very cute girl!!!

coco said...

i have a friend that takes pictures of all of her kids art work and then she throws out the original. she's a neat freak so she then has every picture from the entire school year bound into a leather book. each kid has their own leather book from every year. there's got to be a happy medium--kate is darling, by-the-way!

Harris Family said...

Wow- above and beyond James' preschool. I like the scanning idea. I think I will do the same