October 1, 2010

The Waiting Game...

Kate has been waiting to take dance lessons for two years. When she first started she was 3 years old and she only lasted a month. I think that 3 years was too young for her, but within a month she regretted her decision to quit.

I was determined to teach her to take it more seriously and to appreciate the opportunity to attend a dance class.

I think the waiting paid off. I felt bad for denying her for so long, but I think she is ready now...AND COMMITTED. Plus, I wanted it to be something that she wanted to do...and not just the secret desire of her mother.

On Wednesday she was able to go to her first class and she loved it. Not only is Down Town Dance the greatest studio around, she also has the most amazing teacher.

This is the pose she came up with for me, right before entering her class. I was a proud momma!


coco said...

she is totally to die for! what a doll:)

Terry said...

Oh, so CUTE! I miss her. Take a little video of her in class for Nana!