August 11, 2011

Gut Ache...

I've decided I'm not eating anything today. Probably not tomorrow either. This means that I'm going to actually have to do housework, or pull weeks or something. How else am I going to distract myself from NOT eating. I mean, my favorite thing to do is plan my next meal. But I guess I can't clean the kitchen. Too tempting. Or clean the family room, cuz we all know that TV and FOOD go together like Bread and Butter.

Did I just say Bread and Butter. 

Now I'm hungry.

OH brother...I'm doomed. I guess pick weeds it is.

My tummy hurts really bad. I think it is a complication from my {super fun medical stuff} that has been going on for SIX months now. But I don't have hard feelings {Stupid Doctor that cut my bladder in half and I think messed up part of my intestine}, because I know that nobody is perfect {although you sort of expect them to be when you pay them a bazillion dollars to take your baby out of you}, and accidents happen {for the LOVE}.

But I am grateful {I am alive and semi-ticking and I have the cutest healthy little boy ever}. 

It could be worse right? {Like my DEAR SUE who is battling Pancreatic Cancer right now and enduring her 6th round of Chemo, or Sweet beautiful BABY RUBY JANE, who needs a Liver Transplant like YESTERDAY.}

so I am Blessed.

All I know is that I don't want another day like yesterday, or night like last night.

So NO FOOD!!! ...Until my stomach feels better. 

Which it will...I'm sure...eventually.

I'm going to drown myself in liquids today and hope that my gut stops aching.  

Somebody say a prayer for my innards {and for Sue and Ruby Jane if you would be so kind}.


Somebody eat something yummy on my behalf. Like chocolate, or a Cafe Rio Burrito {and please report!}.



Terry said...

Oh no! I love you. Go see the Dr. Please?

Kelly said...

Hey Erin, I'm not sure of all the things that have been going on with you but I had a lot of problems after the twins were born with my stomach ect and come to find out it was my gallbladder - things are better (not perfect) now that it is out but I hope whatever is going on with you, it gets better soon. Good luck and I'm thinking and praying for all of you :) Hang in there