August 9, 2011

Ben & Shannon Come To Town

Nothing is better than a BBQ when family comes to town.
Our play-set has been fabulous for entertaining lots of little guests.

Dylan ate about 2 hamburgers and 3 hot-dogs. 

This picture of Reyn looked like Sawyer to me at first. 
Then at second glance I realized who it was.

There is Sawyer.

This is the only picture you are going to get of Ben & Shannon.
Shannon is like I would have been and didn't want her picture taken after being in the car all day.

My cute boys eating their Burgers.

Kate was in dream that night having a sleepover with 4 other little girl cousins.
So Cute!
(Notice the fan under her bed. Our basement flooded two times in the same week. Oh Brother.)

The boys took the downstairs couches and were so cute together. They got along so good.
Big T, we need you to come back and play!

Dylan and Tiago

Pretty cute...I mean scary, if I do say so myself.


Ben & Shannon said...

Thanks so much for having us!!! Note to self...just smile for the picture next time, it would have turned out better than that one for sure!I

coco said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful posts! Im driving to California and I just got caught up on all your posts all the way through Nevada! That was a great way to fill an hour and a half! You have THE cutest family. Keep blogging:)