August 9, 2011

Anne Robert & Eden Scout Come To Town

My brother John and his wife Anne Live in D.C. 
We never get to see them.
They are moving to New York in the next month which means
 we still will never get to see them.

(I'm thinking I should take off with Wyatt one of these days though, 
and see New York city for myself.)

So imagine my GLEE when they happened to be in Pocatello, Idaho
randomly, which is 20 minutes from where I live.
The kids and I hopped into the car and hurried to get an hour visit in with them.

We met Anne on the hill behind her hotel.
It was a little steep and we resorted to visiting the nearest McDonald's Playland.
It was 9:00 PM.

It is FUN having Sister's finally. I had to wait 27 years ya know.
Anne is Fabulous and Glamorous and a Super Popular Photographer back East.

Here is my niece Eden. She has such a cute little personality.
We love her.

Um, look at Dylan's hair.
Wowza Dylan, your mom has neglected you.

Cousin Love.

Which ended in Hitting and Biting.
It was like 10:00 PM, so we had to give them a break.

Love you Annie...
I'm coming to visit so be ready.

Miss you already.

1 comment:

Jenna Robert said...

Jeals that the Robert sisters got to hang without me :( Next time! That pic of Soy and Edo is amazing.