August 8, 2011

Sawyer Has Surgery

On July 29th, Scott and I had to take Sawyer to the hospital at 5:00 AM for Surgery.

When we arrived Sawyer was really happy.

As soon as the nurse came into the room he knew something was up and became
really mad and really worried. When Sawyer was born, we were advised not to have his circumcised.
Sawyer was born without much of a foreskin and the Pediatrician felt it was in his best interest to wait until he was a little older to see if he would even need to have it done.

Well, we waited and at his check-up we were told that it was up to us if we wanted to do it. 
We decided that it was better now than at the age of 14 or something.

I will just give you my opinion for a second...

Don't ever wait. It was horrible.

The Doctor's gave Sawyer a drug that was suppose to make him really loopy.
It took a while for it to kick in.

Luckily the nurse had a Thomas Book and this helped Sawyer calm down 
quite a bit as the drug started to take it's effect.

It was so sad seeing him so upset. Luckily, they waited until he was under anesthesia before putting his IV in.
Scott wasn't going to come with me this morning, but I'm so glad that he did. Sawyer weighs a ton, plus having Wyatt with me also would have just been too much.

The saddest part was when they came to take him for surgery. He didn't want to lay on the bed, so the Dr. held him in his arms and Sawyer wrapped his arms around the Dr.'s neck and then Sawyer just stared at Scott and I as they carried him towards the Operating Room. Both Scott and I said to each other that we will never forget that moment. It was SWEET and AWFUL at the same time.

This photo is after the Surgery as Sawyer is trying to come out of his Anesthesia. He was so upset. 
He cried and screamed for a LONG time.

Scott walked the halls with him for two hours. Scott has strong arms because I wouldn't have been able to make it 15 minutes. At one point Scott rolled past the room where I was on a big  office chair with Sawyer in his arms. It thought this was so funny. He stole the chair from someones office.

This is my favorite picture. The lighting is terrible, but it is what I remember from that moment.
A father taking care of his son.
No Greater Love.

We took Sawyer to Toy's R Us to pick out a new train. This lifted his spirits a lot.

The next week was really hard for him. He still ran around and played, but he would stop sometimes and cry a little and grab his diaper and say OW-eeeeeee.

Good Heaven's please don't ever do this to your child.
He is all better now, but it was sad.


Jill said...

Poor baby!

coco said...

oh my gosh!!! you have posted a ton! and i'm dying cuz i don't have time right now to read them all--i just saw that you posted "part 3". i've been waiting for months! anyway, i can't believe sawyer had surgery--i had no idea. i hope everything turns out okay--you know, we've been through 5. i now know the best pediatric urologist in the state (i assume you weren't at primarys?). anyway, we need to talk. call me!

Jenna said...

poor Sawyer! I can't even imagine the pain! Was it so hard to take care of? Wow so sorry!

I would love to meet your friend in NYC! Let me know.