August 8, 2011

Jackson Hole Day Trip: Escape the House Work!!!

A few Saturday's ago I woke up and told Scott that we should go do something.  
This was secretly my way of escaping the HOUSE WORK that had built up all week.
 It was a brilliant plan, and a fun, spontaneous day trip.

Our half-way point was here at the Rainy Creek Gas Station.
 It is famous for it's SQUARE ice-cream.

I'm not sure why it is so hard for Dylan to get excited about putting his arm around his sister. First photo was before I threatened him with no ice-cream. Second photo was a little better.

Now days, I'm starting to look at my family and and loving how our numbers have grown. I wish there were twelve of us, but my body and my age just might not be able to make that happen.
Bummer, Cause we are CUTE.

Okay, so I know that this toilet picture is having you all gagging. 
Rest assured that I did all the dirty work for her including lifting her on and off the toilet and wiping.  
She did not want to stop eating her ice-cream.

2 year old's and ice-cream EQUAL:

Scott likes to tease me that he is feeding Wyatt big boy foods.
Wyatt is my smallest baby.
And on behalf of my aging back.

This drive is so beautiful. The farm land, mountains, rivers.

Our first agenda was food when we got to Jackson.

This is Kate before she was fed.
My family gets so grumpy when they are hungry, including Mr. Peterson.
My kids eat a lot.
Remember they just had ice-cream cones an hour ago.

Kate ate lunch and recovered. 
Doesn't she look better after being fed?
Or goofier. 
Is that a Word?

Serious Poser.

Remember how I said that my Family eats 
Here are a few totally disgusting photo's of 
Dylan consuming lunch in about 
10 seconds.

And you can't go to Jackson Hole without the famous 
Antler Arch photo in Town Square.

I stayed in the car with a sleeping Sawyer and fed Wyatt while
the older kids took a hike with Scott. 
It ended up being a SHORT hike because Dylan's stomach was doing 
cartwheels and he came running down the mountain with tears in his eyes, yelling
"I need a bathroom, I need a bathroom."
I drove him to the only one I could think of and we made it back just as Scott and Kate were coming down the mountain.

The drive home was so beautiful. I tried snapping some photo's but the mixture of a broken camera and dead bugs on the windshield made for terrible pictures.

And now would be an appropriate time to tell you all that I saved our family from hitting a deer.
Scott thinks I am a nagging side passenger, which I am.
But this trip my keen eye and cat like reflexes saved us.
Thank you to myself.

Are you a Nagging Side Passenger?
Ever had Square Ice-cream?

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The Bowldens said...

erin- you have THE MOST beautiful family! i adore reading your posts and i just love the way your write.