August 19, 2011

Summer Time

A few weeks ago Scott took Dylan for a special Date Day. Here are the things that they did.

Went to Anytime Fitness and Dylan was able to work with Scott and earn 2 dollars.

Open a Savings Account for Dylan.

Get a new baseball mitt for Dylan.

Eat at 5 guys burgers. Dylan ate two full meals.

Buy a raft and float out on Rose Pond.

Dylan is always thrilled to be singled out and get to spend time with Scott. Scott is so good about taking Dylan to work with him and teaching him financial principles and the importance of hard work. Dylan is starting to repeat these little lessons to us and yesterday said to Scott, "Dad, it's about the principle!"

This picture was taken the next day when Kate got to raft with them.

The raft died on them. It was fun while it lasted!!!

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Jenna Robert said...

Haha Dylan is a riot, I love when you do Dylan quotes because I can always hear him saying them. Raddest child! Where does all that food go anyway?