September 7, 2011

Carinessa II : A Post for LDS Women

Okay women, it is time to say goodbye to DriSilque and to Poly-Cotton blends.

I'm NOT KIDDING. For Real. Good Riddance!!!

And Say hello to Carinessa II

Now, the bottoms have been out for a while, but Stars in Heaven the New Tops are...

Celestial! (No pun intended.)

So pitch your Spanx in the garbage.

Buy yourself some new tops in a:


and a


They will help suck in that baby Tummy and smooth out those Love Handles on the side.

They really are divine.

(You might have to order them on line because they are pretty much sold out everywhere!)


heather said...

I've had them for a couple of months now and they are "celestial"! Seriously my favorite.

Jill said...

I really need some and was asking at the Distribution Center near my house last week and they said they were 6,000 units behind!

Lisa Johnson said...

Thanks for the tip, b/c I have to (not just need to, but HAVE TO) get some new garments for my birthday in October. It's time to get new ones when the old ones are gray instead of white (no matter how much bleach I use). I'll for sure have to check out the Cariness II. :)