September 6, 2011

Credit Card Fraud = Horror...American Express Blue = Love.

Last month Dominic Cifarelli  and Morokath Redman used my credit card to rack up over $6000.00 dollars in Airline tickets. I'm sure you can imagine the anxiety and the panic that I felt when I opened up my credit card statement.


It amazes me that people are okay with being so dishonest.

It totally blows my mind.

Maybe they didn't have a good mom like I did who made them walk back into the grocery store at the age of six and return the stolen candy-bar. Or maybe they just need a Bishop that looks them in the eye's every year and asks them if they are honest in ALL their dealings.

I just don't get it.

Needless to say I felt violated.

So I called up American Express to try and resolve the issue and their customer service was EXCELLENT.

Not only did they treat me like I was the victim, they didn't blame me or try to ask me a million questions. They just thanked me for my ongoing membership and took care of it all for me.


People, this really happened. Like, in real life.

They just took care of it for me.


Amazing. And I promise that this is not an advertisement for American Express. But I will be a Member for Life.

AmEx = Love

Liars = Stoopid (with two o's)
PS. I found this crazy lady picture on the web, but I think it kind of looks like me if you don't look to close and if you blur your eyes a little and if the room is dim. ;)


Harris Family said...

I had someone get gas on my card after I didn't hit "clear" at the pump. They racked up over a $100 I couldn't believe it. They took it off instantly too-- greta customer service.

Im so sorry that happened- glad its better!!

Traci said...

that is not fun!!! crazy! so glad amex too good care of u!!!

marialuigi said...

Good customer service...LOVE! I don't love mouth-breathers who are sitting in a chair simply to collect a interest and no knowledge of their product! I'm so glad this worked out for you!