September 20, 2011

Talking With God

I just wanted to quickly share my latest book read.

It is called Talking With God, by Robert L. Millet.

Robert Millet is by far my favorite LIVING Gospel Scholar and I devour everything written by him.

This last book I read on my Kindle while working out at the gym and believe it or not...I really got into it, despite the movement and sweat. I loved it.

It of course discuses the role of Prayer in our lives and there were just so many great Gems.

Highly Recommended.


Jill said...

I'm not familiar with him, so thanks for the recommendation.

Botts said...


I can tell you are a very sincere and thoughtful woman. I think we would get along well if we were neighbors. You are open, and that is what makes relationships work.

I read about your doctor hurting your bladder. Yikes! I didn't read that you almost lost your baby as well though.

I also wanted to say that there is a scripture that says 'let thy soul delight in fatness.' 2 Ne 9:51. It has caused me some deep reflection because of my bodily injuries to my back and hips 6 years ago. I can't recover from them, and that keeps my body weight heavier than I want. It is so hard to look at my body without hurting for the old body I had. And yet every time I covet my old body, (which I'm trying so hard not to do) I feel as if the Lord tells me to focus on the new person I'm becoming. He wants me to focus on becoming spiritually fat... He wants me to stop being ashamed of Him and His ways - which I spent the first 30+ years of my life doing.

Who would ever think that losing my physical abilities and becoming physically fat that I would learn that I had been spiritually skinny (ashamed of Christ - YIKES!!) and that I needed to become spiritually fat and to start living what I said I believed, instead of being ashamed of it? Does that makes sense?

Since you are on a weight loss journey, I'd love to hear your thoughts on being spiritually fat..