September 21, 2011

Wednesday: Did You Know?

Did You Know...

1.Sawyer had his first "Real" play date yesterday with our neighbor Maddex. And they even ate Mac and Cheese together. So Cute.

2. Last night was the first time that the baby boys ever shared a room together. It lasted from 8pm-11pm. Wyatt woke up and wanted a feeding and Sawyer woke up when Wyatt cried. I fed Wyatt and then put him back to sleep in the crib, Sawyer crawled into my bed, and Scott headed for the couch. Even though Sawyer was kicking me all night, I still slept so much better without Wyatt in bed with me. Can you believe it has been 7 months and last night was the first time I put Wyatt in a crib. Am I an idiot???

3. We planted 10 new tree's in our backyard this year. 7 of them are Maple Tree's. We now have 17 trees in our yard. A few more years and we are going to have serious piles of leaves in the fall. PARTY!

4. I drove by the church on the way to the gym this morning and the parking lot had 5 missionary vehicles in it and a bunch of Elders with suitcases. This brought back so many good memories of transfer days as a missionary. Except it was usually raining since it was Washington after all.

5. I feel that folding Scott's underwear every week is a true labor of love. I lack in a lot of area's, but this is something that I love to do for him. Who doesn't like a fresh, tidy drawer?

6. I have been playing a lot of trains and cars lately. It is funny how two-year olds do that to you. Just no escaping it.

7. This was my urine sample this morning. There is so much blood in it that it looks like Prune Juice. Unfortunately, I have another UTI and a whole lot of blood in my urine. I'm feeling pretty crappy. The old me would have stayed in bed...but the new me got up and went to the gym. Scott could tell I was a bit down and said, "Erin, you don't have any control over this. It isn't your fault. Focus on what you do have control over." Ever the sensible one. I {heart} him.

8. I got a much needed spirit booster this morning that was unexpected and timed perfectly.

From my Mom:

"Hi sweetie! Love the photos of the kids on the blog.

I also read your one with your weight loss goal. You are so amazing. I just want you to know how much I love and admire you. You are so beautiful no matter what you weigh. Do you know that? I also want YOU to know that  I KNOW how hard of a goal it is. I struggled to lose 9 pounds. And I go up and down. The hardest thing is changing your lifestyle and being consistent with the exercise and the diet. I am terrible at doing anything for more than a week. But I know you can do it and I will support you however I can because I want you to feel happy with yourself. Please know tho, that your value has nothing to do with pounds. Your spirit is so beautiful and loving and kind and generous. It is amazing to me.

I will continue to pray for you. I love you so so so much. How come I am sooo blessed to have you as a daughter? You are my miracle. The only baby that was easy to carry through a pregnancy and you were born in 4 hours. You just couldn’t wait to get into this life and get going! Love love love you soooo much!"

I'm lucky, Right?

9. Last night Kate learned how to peel carrots. She was so pleased about it. Wow, pretty helpful and pretty cute.

10. Scott found this old My Little Pony commercial on YouTube a few weeks ago. I am the one with the ponytails on the right. That was a long time ago. And boy does it remind me of Kate!


Harris Family said...

I cant believe that you were in a commercial!! awesome- I new you used to model....

I love the spiritual insight you write and the daily posts- fun to read a regular are giving positive uplift too- awesome!!

Ps- I hope that is not your urine color!!! :)

Lisa Johnson said...

You were in a commercial? How cool is that! Did they let you take home the My Little Pony with you? :)

Emilie said...

From a fellow UTI-Maven THAT urine sample is tragic!!! So Sorry!!!