September 19, 2011

Week Two Report and Weigh-in

Okay, so last week felt like a really good week. I only got to the gym four times which was disappointing, and I had a day where I didn't not eat well, but all-in-all I'm pleased. 

Monday Sept. 12 (With Trainer Lisa) 
Upper Body & HITT
Incline DB press on bench 3 sets 12
DB chest press on ball 3 sets 12
Straight Arm Pull down 3 sets 12 ( I love this one!)
Back Extension 3 sets 20 (Still hate it, but better than last week!)
Rotator Cuff 4 sets 15
Upright Row w/ Barbell 3 sets 12
Sitting REar Fly with DB 3 sets 12
Hammer Curl with DB 3 sets 12
High Cable Curl 3 sets 12
Skullcrusher with DB 3 sets 12
Tricep Kickback w/ DB 3 sets 12

Tuesday Sept. 13  
Lower Body and LSD 20 min.
Walking Lunge 4 sets 10
Leg Press 3 sets 15
Split Squat 3 sets 15 (Hell on Earth)
Plie Squat 3 sets 15
Leg Extension 3 sets 12
Leg Curl 3 sets 12
Hip Abduction Back/Forward 3 sets 10/10
Hip Adduction 3 sets 20

Wednesday Sept. 14
Day Off.

Thursday Sept. 15 
Upper Body and HITT
Chest Press Machine 3 sets 12
Pec Machine 3 sets 12
Lat Pulldown Machine 3 sets 12
Row Machine 3 sets 12
Rotator Cuff 4 sets 15
DB shoulder Press sitting 3 sets 12
Lateral Raise standing DB 3 sets 10
EZ Bar Curl Standing 3 sets 12
Alternating DB Curl sitting 3 sets 12
Tricep Pressdown W/ Bar 3 sets 12
Skullcrushers w/ DB 3 sets 12

Friday Sept. 16
25 minutes HITT

Saturday Sept. 17  
Day Off.

Weigh-in Report  

Starting Weight: 168lbs
Last Week Weight 166 lbs
Current Weight: 163.6lbs
This Week's Weight Loss: -2.4lbs

Changes I've noticed... 

Physical: I still don't physically look different, but I have lost two inches around my waist. I feel tighter everywhere (less jiggly) and I feel SO much stronger. I also was still really sore after my workouts, but it was manageable and not deadly like the first week. I love lifting weights. And Cardio felt amazing this week too, despite having a cough and a cold. Also, no bladder infection this week, so that helps a ton too.

Mental: I did hit a few walls this week. The eating plan I'm on is awesome, but I still had a few moments where I wanted to throw in the towel, and I did on Wednesday. This probably stems from the fact that I didn't get up and work out this morning.  I definitely feel like eating better on the days I worked my butt off. 

Spiritual: I still feel a great peace and assurance that this is what I'm suppose to be doing. I'm not on a crazy diet scheme where I am watching for instant results. I am EARNING the results which feels lasting and rewarding. I feel a stronger desire to help and lift others.

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Nicole said...

hey friend!
saw the comment you left on the daybook about the great husbands only coming around once a decade! made my day! so funny!
just glad to say that i got the husband for this decade and just married him in june. sorry to all the chicas out there.
AND way to go on your workouts this week. such awesome dedication!