October 8, 2011

Wednesday: Did You Know?

This has been quite the week, sure it's Saturday...who cares!

Did You Know?

1. I got one of those calls this week that makes you blush and grimace from the shock of it all. And now I want to rewrite my entire parenting manual. {How could my child have done such a thing!} I will not ever tell what it was. 

2. I made the commitment to READ the ENTIRE Book of Mormon in the month of October. In order to keep up with my schedule I have had to give up TV, Facebook, and much blogging. I am also having to read while I am doing my cardio. Wow, it really is possible to MAKE time to read your scriptures. ;)

3. Dylan helps clean the gym every Saturday and was able to make a $16.00 deposit into his savings account this month. How cool is that?

4. I FINALLY made an appointment with a Urologist in Utah to take a more aggressive approach and find out what is going on with my bladder. I've been praying and hoping that it would just go away, but probably need to "do all I can on my own" too.

5. Scott and I have been asked to TEAM TEACH the 8 year-olds in Primary. I am super excited for this. I will have the same rowdy boys in my class that I taught last year, but I will have Scott to help entertain them. Wahoo! They are good kids, just all BOY.

My good friend Cathy and her puppy Heidi Sue.
6.  I have the best neighbor in the world and her name is Cathy. She made me homemade chicken noodle soup when she found out I had the Flu this week.

7. I HAD the flu this week. And NOW everyone is getting sick. At least I am better and able to take care of the rest of the bunch. Still not fun.

8. Scott and I watched a movie called The Fifth Quarter. It was extremely hard to watch as a parent. True story, but very emotional. I cried my eyes out.

9. I picked up Donuts today on my way home from the gym. The kids got to eat them when they were done with their chores. I learned this from my Aunt Jill's house growing up. It works really well.

10. We are being invaded by flies. Everyone keeps telling me that it is the season, but I don't ever remember having to deal with flies in my house. SO GROSS!!!!!


Curls said...

I would love to team teach with my husband. One day.

Harris Family said...

I team taught with my husband for my last calling and it was so fun a rare time to get to spend together!! You will love it- your love will grow!

Hope you feel better soon!!!

Ive been stealing handouts and printables from your links- love it....

A little crunchy - Kimberly said...

I remember years ago I got a sitter I did not know well and when I went to pick up my fantastic children she told me they had been little monsters. She told others as well. They didn't DO anything other than being very hyper and loud and running. However it was my first dose of seeing what they are like when not feeling like there is safe authority over seeing them. -sigh- Oh the lessons we learn. LOL

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