November 9, 2011

Wednesday: Did You Know? A Quickie...

  1. I am behind on everything. Poop.
  2. I am leaving for New York on Friday. I'll get there Saturday at 5:30 in the Morning. I'll be there until Monday at 8:30 pm. I'm really excited. I'm already feeling like it is over and I haven't even left. Do you ever do that?
  3. My two-year old is so spoiled. He gets pretty much whatever he wants. Gee-whiz.
  4. I got a notice in the mail today from the Transportation Department for the Bus Company that takes Dylan to school. He was trying race the bus the other day. The driver was not happy.
  5. Costco steals my money. I put things in my cart that I had no intention of buying. It is highway robbery.
  6. I have a weird inner-ear thing going and I have been so dizzy and so nauseous that I have been miserable. I didn't even think I could drive my car this morning and I missed my workout. I am now on Zyrtec and Sudafed thanks to the Pharmacists suggestion. 
  7. I'm pretty sure that these drugs are going to dry up my milk and I won't be nursing anymore. This makes me a little bit sad, but I have to ween Wy-Wiggs before my surgery next month anyway, so oh well.  I'm so ready for a SMALLER CHEST.
  8. I'm having Surgery on December 14th. I'll be in the hospital for 3 days. I am already feeling anxiety. 
  9. I have made it a month without a microwave. This is such a hard thing to do. I never realized how often I used it. Let me tell you...I used it A LOT.
  10. I have NOT abandoned my Fitness Journey. I've still been getting to the gym, but my eating needs to improve. I'm hoping to lose 8 lbs by the time I have surgery. I am getting strong people. Like REALLY strong.
Bonus: My husband is awesome. Like really awesome and I love him. He is such a great person and so capable. He does everything well and he is pretty patient with me. He is keeping the kids so that I can go to New York and I am so thankful to be married to a guy that loves kids, is better at taking care of them than I am, enjoys being with his family more than anything else, and is so fun to be around. {it may appear that I am flattering my husband in an attempt to appear appreciative and grateful and I can assure you that I AM!!!}

Does Costco steal your money?
Do you use your microwave a lot?
Do you feel like having you bladder sliced open?
Does your husband ROCK? 


mgdraney said...

Erin, Erin,
ERin!! I think you were shafted in the sister department, however you were extremely blessed in the mother department and Oh mY Gosh blessed beyond measure in the cousin department because I absolutely adore, admire, and love you beyond words can express!! Yes Costco steals my money because it is 1 mile from my house! I will never forget what it feels like to have bladder trouble! Have 2 stent surgeries and the countless tests and infections, Er, my bladder just cringes for you! My husband is a much more patient and understanding parent than I am! But not the nurturer (not sure if I spelled that correctly) that a mother is. A mother is special, and you my dear are the mother! You are amazing! Whether thick or thin, you are beautifil inside and out! And your children love you! LOVE YOU!! I know they do! Erin you absolutely ASTOUND me! We may not be sisters but I love you like one! I am incredibly proud to know you and be a part of your life! I will be praying for you and your bladder! All my love cuz! Scott is ONE LUCKY MAN TO HAVE SUCH AN INCREDIBLE WOMAN TO CALL HIS WIFE!

Rozy Lass said...

Sam's Club (which is Costco's cousin) used to steal my money but I got smart and shop with a LIST and sometimes when the list is short I DO NOT get a cart and just carry the things in my hands, thereby eliminating the ease of buying things not on the list! And no, I don't use a microwave lots--but I'm older than you and have lived without one at various times and places. I love them, but don't depend on them. Just keep telling yourself-"The pioneers lived without them, so can I." That helps me get through the times when one of my modern conveniences is on the fritz and I have to make do. And thanks for your kind comment about my poem.

Ashley said...

Ha! Costco only steals my money when my hubby comes shopping with me. I can be in and out in 10 mins but he has to go up and down every aisle and it never fails, we always at least pay double what I plan to.
I also have an inner ear thing that just comes and goes. My neurologist called it vestibular neuritis. :( It doesn't go away. lame...

Emily Frame said...

you're right, nothing better!

thanks for saying hi!

Curls said...

Luckily I don't have a costco card, so they can't steal my money, although I'm sure they'd like to.

I use my microwave a LOT, mostly to reheat leftovers for lunch.

I do NOT feel like having my bladder sliced open, I hope everything goes well with your surgery and you have a good recovery. :)

My husband is so wonderful, he gets more and more wonderful each year.

Botts said...

I have the inner ear thing as well. I get nauseated when my ears are acting up. I am nursing still (2year-old) and have taken sudafed a couple of times while nursing. The old sudafed had an ingredient that dried up milk. The new sudafed does not have that ingredient in it.

God be with you as you continue on your journey for healing.

AEJones said...

Ha ha ha... I love this. Yes, Costco totally steals my money, too. You're not alone. I TOTALLY use my microwave a lot. Um, I don't feel like having my bladder sliced open, sorry. And, I'm still working on the husband thing but I HOPE he rocks!! And I'd like to get a rock FROM him!! ;)

Kim said...

I belong to BJ's, but YES! I have always said I think they put something in the air in there, because I NEVER need that much of anything in the house. Well, I did need that many diapers, having twin boys, but that is it! And my husband is fantastic with my boys too, so I can appreciate that! Good luck with your surgery! I'm a new follower from the Finding Friends Blog Hop! Love your blog!

Emily said...

Why are you going without a microwave? Maybe I missed that explanation.....