December 30, 2011

I think I'm cured. Like really.

I have not leaked.
All week.


I started my period.
It is normal.


And I mean Never.
Did I ever imagine.
That I would be so happy.
To menstruate.
But I am.


God is Good.
God is Great.
Miracles Happen.


2012 is shaping up to be a Great Year.
Fabulous Year.
Exciting Year.
Adventurous Year.
Healthy Year.
Simpler Year.
Less expensive Year.


I am happy.

For any new reader's that might be puzzled by my menstruating gratitude, 
2011 has been an interesting year. 
My bladder was bisected during an emergency c-section. It was completely cut in half.
It did not heal correctly.

I had a fistula (tunnel or hole connecting two organs) form
between my bladder and my uterus.

I have had chronic infections due to this hole.
It lead to urine leaking out through my Uterus,
and to my periods emptying through my bladder.

I know. Weird.

But I think I'm cured.

Two weeks ago a man named
changed my life.

This man gave me BACK
my life.

How can I possibly ever repay him.
I can't.

My Hero.


Jaime said...

I'm so happy for you, Erin! Happy new years and cheers to no more bladder infections or bloody pee! (I'm really mature, I know).

Wendy said...

So HAPPY for you!

Rozy Lass said...

Prayers were answered with a miracle! Happy days full of blessings for you.

Kimm said...

HAVE A HAPPY PERIOD!!! Remember how much we hated that commercial!!

Candace Stevenson said...

oh my gosh, I was reading that and I cannot believe that happened!! During a c-section? that is such bitter sweet timing (having a baby, new problems because they cut your bladder) but I am so happy for you to be all better! I can't even imagine. But what a blessing that is for you! Such a miracle and blessing, indeed. :) I also LOVE your Finding Christ in Christmas theme so far. It is a wonderful reminder of WHY we celebrate the holiday! Hope your week is filled with joy :)
Lovely Little Rants

Botts said...

Truly a miracle! I am so happy for you!

Diane said...

I am so very happy for you!!!!!!! I hope all that you want with this continues to happen.

Harris Family said...

Im so glad that you are doing better!! This will be a great year for you!! :)

Janine said...

I can't believe that happened to you. I never understand why freak things like that happen, but they seem to happen all too often. They all seem a bit different but seem to hurt the same. Good luck in 2012. We had a rough health year in 2011 too, and I am just hoping my body will take it easy this year.