December 7, 2011

Just me, and my Savior by Ashley LeMieux


From December 2007-May 2009 I served a fulltime mission for the LDS church.
It was a time of growth, faith, and serving people who still have a deep place in my heart.
I was sent to Cincinnati, OH and Kentucky.
Before you are sent to the place you will be serving your mission,
you spend time in what's called a missionary training center.
I entered those doors just a couple weeks before Christmas,
and said goodbye to my family for the next 18 months.
On a mission, you aren't able to see them or talk to them on the phone.

I'll never forget Christmas that year.
There were no presents with my family,
no contact with people I knew.

Just me, and my Savior.

In fact, the training center gave us each a sack lunch
to take to our rooms for our "Christmas dinner."
I sat on the floor of my tiny dorm,
and laughed as I pulled out a slimy roast beef sandwich
and a brown banana.
I didn't have a Christmas dinner that year.
And it didn't matter.
My mission was devoted to serving God, and Christ.
My purpose was to teach others of them who did
not know of their truths and existence.
Sitting ultimately alone that year,
I felt more love from God than I can describe.
I was able to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas,
while serving the One whose birthday we were celebrating.
That year, Christmas was forever changed for me.

Allow the spirit of Christ into your heart this year.
Spread it to others.
And feel more love than you knew existed.
Merry Christmas friends!

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