December 6, 2011

What Christmas Looks Like by Nicole Neesby

What is the most common line we hear during this crazy holiday season!?
We are just so busy
While Christmas
family dinners
gift wrapping
and more
make this statement true for many of us
I often ask myself
Do I need to be this insane during this best time of the year?!
Because as I sit back and remember why the entire world shuts down on
December Twenty-Fifth
I picture 
a simple couple
in a simple shelter
with simple farm animals
all gathered around the baby Son of God

The peace, love and joy seems a far cry from the chaos we have come to know Christmas as today
As Hubs and I adventure through this first Christmas together since our spring wedding in a
little white church
my hope is that I can view Christmas this way.
For us this looks like simple decorations throughout our house
Unique family traditions like cutting our tree
Decorating together
Then cuddling on the couch to watch a Christmas movie by the lights
Family meals and special food
Simple gifts not purchased with credit
Spending time with those who we love
And mostly most important
Remember how the Maker of the World came to live among us and love us so perfect and unconditionally
. . . .
It is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas when its mighty Founder was a child Himself.  
~Charles Dickens


Nicole blogs over at The Neesby Lookbook. She is a busy girl, working three jobs and recently returned from a trip to China. She is as sweet as they come.

Pop on over to see her. Just click on her cute photo below.

And Don't Forget...
Take Time today to Remember Christ!


Nicole said...

thanks dear for letting me share! this is such a great series!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

So true! Simple is best usually! (Did you get my post, E?)

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I've got to ask - is there a recipe for the chocolate chip butterscotch chip ball thing that is pictured? :-)