January 25, 2011

Be still my heart...

There is most definitely a reason why the Lord is blessing me with boys.


He knows that I couldn't handle one more little girl chopping off her beautiful hair.

Sob. Sob.

You might disagree with me...but little girls with thick, beautiful, long, shiny hair like Kate has...well, ya see....They are suppose to keep it that way. It would be a crime to do otherwise. Just sayin.

And it isn't like she wants it short. She just likes the scissors.

January 21, 2011

Love Means...

Tonight I read an interesting article entitled Why I can't stop reading Mormon housewife blogs.

It was one of those articles that made me stop and think. The writer explains that she has a secret addiction to the Happy, Perfect lives that are portrayed by Mormon bloggers.

I have often NOT blogged on days when I don't feel well, I'm grumpy, or I don't feel like my life is Perfect and Happy.

It isn't that I want everyone to think that my LIFE is perfect. It is just that I'm not comfortable with everyone knowing just how NOT perfect I AM.

I thought I'd share just a little example of my stupidity. Here is a letter I wrote to Scott one time after I lost my temper with him. So in case you thought I might be perfect (hee hee ha ha) here is proof to the contrary.


Written June 23, 2010

Mr. P,

Last night we quarreled. It was one of those non-verbal quarrels. Tempers ragged...I was right, you were wrong...or so I thought.

I asked you for help washing Dylan's hair. I was busy washing Kate and Sawyer's hair. You ignored me. You were on the computer.

I was surprised. You never ignore me. You almost always do what I ask.
So I asked again. This time, a little more impatient.

"Please", I said, "wash Dylan's hair for me".
Again, nothing.

At the time I wasn't thinking that maybe you were tired. That you had played with me and the kids in the morning, worked all day, and then mowed the lawn, went on the walk with me that I begged you for, and then laid with me on the grass.

I wasn't thinking about all of that, you know. I wasn't thinking about how you ALWAYS do what I ask, so much so, that when you don't I get upset. You see, you are so reliable, I've just sort of gotten use to it.

So I got mad. And I told you so.

You came to the rescue, you washed Dylan's hair. But not because you wanted to. It was because I had a tantrum and fell apart.

Someone once said, "Love means never having to say you are sorry."

Oh, my love, I disagree.

I think love means being willing to say you are sorry. Filling the void of worry, woe, pride, silence, and distance...with words, like.

I love you.

It was my fault.

I was careless.

I was selfish.

I should have put your feelings first.

You are all that matters to me.

Please forgive me.

You see, I think love is saying you are sorry.

And I am...


January 4, 2011

Christmas Card 2010

For those of you that didn't receive a Christmas Card this year....

Peterson Family 2010

How is it possible that another year has flown by? It is true what they say, the older you get, the faster time flies! 2010 has been a great year for us. We have been abundantly blessed and feel truly grateful for our little family and all that we have. One of our favorite highlights of the year was our recent trip to California. We stayed on the beach for a week, had wonderful weather, and got to take our kids to Disneyland, California Adventure, and Sea World. It was an amazing experience having so much time to spend together as a family. We also have been blessed with another pregnancy, and are so excited to welcome another baby boy to our family in two short months.

Scott: Scott is still working as hard as ever. He is still Owner/Manager of Anytime Fitness Blackfoot & Shelley. These two locations have been very successful and it has been remarkable watching Scott build something from the ground up and turn it into a successful future for his family. I can tell he is getting the itch to start something new, so we will have to see what happens in the next year. The only downfall to Scott’s year would be an injury to his ankle. He hurt it playing basketball in March and it still isn’t the same. Scott without basketball is like bread without butter. He misses it so much!

Erin: I have had a great year. Apart from the sickness that comes with pregnancy, and spending a week in the hospital with spinal meningitis, the year has been wonderful. The kids keep me entertained all the time and I feel so lucky to be able to stay home with them and just be a Mom. I still keep the books for Scott’s businesses, and try to help where I can, but it is flexible and I can work from home. Just recently we bought a piano and I am so excited to have more music in our home. I’ve been practicing everyday and plan on taking lessons again. It has only been 26 years since my last lesson. But, most importantly, I am really looking forward to February when we get to welcome a new baby to the family. Newborns are my favorite!

Dylan: Dylan, is still Dylan. He is 6, and if you have had the privilege of having a conversation with him lately you probably know exactly how much younger Justin Bieber is than you, or how much older you are than our neighbor’s dog. Dylan is obsessed with numbers and ages. I got really mad at him the other day when he told me that I was WAY older than the lunch lady at his school! The truth hurts. Dylan is too smart for his own britches and he talks non-stop. He played tennis and soccer this summer, and this fall he has been playing basketball. He makes up his own knock-knock jokes (which aren’t funny) but he gets a kick out of himself. He is missing a mouthful of teeth and it doesn’t look like they will be coming in anytime soon. Dylan thinks that he is the best dancer in the whole world and wants me to teach him how to spin on his head. (That isn’t happening for at least two more months.)

Kate: Kate just turned 5 and she is the second mother in the house. She makes having a toddler so easy. She entertains Sawyer all day long. They have a special little friendship going. She is in her 2nd year of preschool and loves it. She also loves dancing and recently started taking a class. She received a CD player for her birthday and carries it all over the house singing, dancing and being WILD. She has a severely stubborn side to her personality and doesn’t give in very easily. This makes some parenting moments really tricky, but I love her strong will. She loves attending primary and cried last week went we got sent home from church early due to a snowstorm.

Sawyer: Sawyer, a.k.a. Sauce, Sizz, Soy Boy is the most amazing specimen of flesh ever created. He will turn 2 at the end of January. He is still massive in size and built like a rock. He keeps us laughing all day long and he continues to love to snuggle and give hugs. Sawyer loves people in general and you never know if he is going to decide that you are his favorite. But watch out, if he picks you, you will be carrying around 40 lbs of dense baby. He has recently taken over his older brothers train collection and has become obsessed with his “toot toots”. He has a large vocabulary but is just starting to talk more. He is the center of attention in our family, and I’m a little nervous to see how he will react to the new addition.

We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and want you to feel the love that Jesus Christ has for you. And while we might not live close to each other or see each other very often, we want you to know that the Peterson Family knows of the love and the blessings that come from following the teachings of the Savior. May you all find peace and comfort during this special season as you reflect on the gifts that your Redeemer has given you.

Alma 7:7 “For behold, I say unto you there be many things to come; and behold, there is one thing which is of more importance than they all—for behold, the time is not far distant that the Redeemer liveth and cometh among his people.”

Merry Christmas,

Scott, Erin, Dylan, Kate & Sawyer