January 26, 2012

How are you World?

1. I guess it is time to take the Christmas tree down when undies start replacing the ornaments.

2. Wiggles is going to be 1 next month. I can hardly believe it. He is still so tiny. I love it.

3. Scott took Kate to her Snowy Night activity at the Kindergarten center. I love it when she gets to do fun stuff with her dad.

4. I have such a hard time getting Sawyer to eat. Kate has more luck than I do because Sawyer worships her. What kid doesn't like mashed potatoes? Weirdo.

5. Scott, Dylan & Kate are Crazy about veggie platters. I think it is just an excuse to drink ranch dressing.

6. Yum!!!

7. Sawyer loves the nasty Acai berry juice that Scott bought at Costco. It is so gross, but he loves it. Look how thick it is. It leaves a huge mustache on him. I'm glad he likes something.

8. Returned my Dyson to Costco and purchased this baby. Oh Riccar how I love you. Oh Dyson how I now know I hated you. SO MUCH BETTER IT IS BEYOND WORDS!!!! Shawri, you were right!

 9. Wyatt is the EVER mess maker. Into EVERYTHING.

10. Made a Strap for my Camera. Super easy project. 

And now Scott is out of Town for the weekend and I've got to get our business books finished for 2011, the W-2's in the mail, taxes filed, and have a birthday party tomorrow for Sawyer he is turning 3!!!! I'm a wee bit BIZ-ay. Can't wait for my girl date tomorrow night with the kids. At least something good comes from the husbands being out of town and working. Can't wait.

Peace out World.

Hope you are doing excellent.

Are you?


Brenny said...

Heeeee! Cutest family! Your kids are so gorgeous! Also must try that strap project!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just joined your blog from the Mingle with Us Blog Hop! You have such a beautiful family! You should all be on a magazine somewhere!

Shelly said...

Those cookies look good! More so because I can't have any! darn it! But I'm going to see my dad this weekend and that makes my world great! Good luck with this rain! and I agree, it's time to take the Christmas tree down. :)

~Mary said...

Hi! I am a new follower through the Happy Go Lucky blog hop. You have a beautiful family! Your photos of Kate in the JCrew dress remake are gorgeous. They look like magazine photos! I would love to hear how you take photos that look like that!

Ashley said...

ha! I love how you said "drink" ranch dressing. That is how my kids are. :) We got our taxes done this afternoon and it is such a relief.

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

you are amazing! You have a lot going on! Sounds like our weekend will be the same as far as bday parties go! Good luck! Cute camera strap!

TicoTina said...

yes. veggies are so you can feel healthy while eating ranch dressing.

UGH why did you have to mention taxes...... =(