January 7, 2012

My Best Advice...

I had the privilege of Serving as a Missionary for my Church in Seattle, Washington.

My companion, Sister Tazalaar, shared one of her mother's pearls of wisdom & I have never forgotten it.

*Free Printable {Here}

I think about this all the time.

The Mother yelling at her children in the middle of Target.
The rude customer service Representative.
The man that cuts you off and then the driver behind you who blares their horn.
The chain smoker sitting on the curb.
The Dr. that cuts open your bladder. ;)
The husband who forgets your anniversary.
The children that don't seem to appreciate you.

Sometimes the only thing we can do is to give people the BENEFIT of the Doubt.

Maybe people are doing their best. Maybe they aren't. But who am I to judge?

All I can do is show them Love.

I think about this all the time.
And I try to love EVERYBODY.
A lot.

And I do.


(Sister Tazalaar's mother was also a professional packer, who taught people who traveled a lot how to pack their bags. You will never believe how amazing her packing skills were. This was a Missionary's dream. Maybe I feel a tutorial coming on. It would be my first ya know.)

*******Edited Correction: Audrey Merrill (Sister Tazalaar) just informed me that this quote did NOT come from her mother...she heard it at the MTC (Missionary Training Center). Well, regardless...I love it. And feel free to check out her website. She might just save you some SERIOUS cash. For Real.


Botts said...

Be careful to set boundaries with those whose best is abusive. A painful lesson I had to learn. Love yourself to know that you do the very best you can. And then open yourself up to the Lords gentle whisperings and promptings to us to do more here or there.

Diane said...

This does get one thinking. I do like that, and it is what I teach my kids, along with you don't need to have a close personal relationship with the girl that is belittling you in school everyday. You just have to be nice. Maybe the mean belittling girl's parents are divorcing? And I think that is the point.

Janine said...

I like that message too. It is so easy to forget especially when people act extremely different than you, but we should try to remember it always.

I think we should be REAL friends. I've loved looking through your archives. I just started following you so I could keep up.

Diana Smith said...

CUTE printable! My husbands cousin is serving in Seattle! So fun! Great area, I bet.

Jill said...

I love this thought and try to remind myself of this whenever I slip into irritation or judgment.

Christie Elkins said...

This is awesome. Love those who may seem the most unlovable. Speaking of love, I LOVE your blog! Can't wait to dive in and catch up on the archives. Glad you, too, appreciate the value of a "guy" razor ;)

Breanna said...

I love your blog girl. & this post is just fabulous!
It's definitely true though, all you can do is love them:)


Tara said...

What a powerful message. Thank you :)
Happened to find your blog from Ashley's. Glad to be a follower.