January 9, 2012

Week 1 Report & Weigh-in

It is time to get back on track.

When I started this Journey of mine in September, I had no idea what the future would hold. I felt old, weak, slow, fat, out-of-shape, injured, sick and pretty disappointed in myself.

By the end of October I felt strong, awesome, powerful, healthy, fit, quick, in control, motivated, and excited about the future. I was PROUD of myself. All that in two months of being consistent. Quite the Profit.

In November I found out that I had to have a pretty intensive surgery and it sort of paralyzed my efforts. I was still working out like a machine, but I started eating my emotions and my fears a little bit. I fought it with everything that I had, but I was pretty scared and insecure about the future and it was defiantly playing a major roll in my weight loss. I was still proud of myself for continuing to workout...the old me would have quit.

And now December 15th has come and gone and I feel that it is a true miracle that I am doing so great. I feel great, I feel blessed, I feel FIXED.

So now what? I have NO more excuses. REALLY. None. I'm better than I could have ever hoped for. 

So here is to 2012.

A year of reaching my goals.
Pushing myself.
Being an example.
Overcoming my fear of failure.
Relying on the Lord for strength in moments of weakness.
Enjoying this body that I have.
Loving this body that I have.
Using this body that I have.

Today was my first day POST-OP in the gym. I took it easy. I tried to be smart. I felt like I wanted to fly.

It was hard not to do more. 

But, I felt strong. I felt awesome. I felt powerful and healthy and fit and quick and in control.

I am realizing just how much all that training did to help me prepare to recover from the surgery. When I found out about my surgery it felt like my efforts were wasted and I was going to have to start all over again.

But what really happened is that my training made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

And while I gained a few pounds being idle and eating holiday treats, I didn't lose any muscle. And I didn't lose my vision.

So I'm back. And I could really use some company.

Do any of you want to join me?

This journey isn't just about losing weight. It is about getting FIT and LIVING LIFE.

What are your health and fitness goals this year?

I want to hear!!!!
(I'm not weighing in for another week or so. But I will soon. And I am being accountable.) 


Nicole said...

go girl!

i gained some weight at my third part time job the last two months of the year. dang free food.

i have been reminding myself that i can't do anything about the past or make sure the future. i can only do something today.

i'm back at running and eating healthier. it feels so good.


Janine said...

I am a runner but hate to run in the cold so my husband and I are doing p90x at the moment (his idea). It is long and tiring, but I feel great. My husband has already lost ten pounds and we started two weeks before Christmas. We have really started cooking better too. Not that I don't normally cook healthy food, but I have a tendency to bake. So I am cutting back on the baking. My goal: to be in good running shape by August to complete a half marathon.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

OOh blogging is bad for my health! I've really got to kick it into gear this year!

Rozy Lass said...

My goal is to look different at the Family Reunion in June. One pound at a time, one decision at a time I'll get to my ultimate goal, but I remind myself that the true goal is to be healthy and fit so that I can age gracefully instead of decrepitly. (Is that a word?)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

so beautiful! i think we all fear failure, but i know that if we trust in ourselves and the Lord we will get through it!
xo TJ

trisha*n said...

This was sooo good to read. I'm a personal trainer, and I always look for people to see that health is much more than losing weight and the numbers. It's about getting more life, more experiences, and more goodness into your body. Good luck! I can tell you know what you are doing :)

Ashley said...

Good for you! I gained weight once I got off track and definetly need to get back at it. I am about 15 pounds from where I would like to be. I just want to start eating healthier again, and getting in better shape. It's not all about the weight for me, though. I always have more energy and self confidence when I am taking care of my body.

Christina said...

I'm excited to be growing a baby, but I'm also excited to really ramp up my exercise once this baby arrives. In the mean time I'm trying to be more conscious of what I put in my mouth and revamp some of our family favorite recipes to improve their healthy factor. So far, so good. I love reading about your progress!

Sarah (Blog Guidebook) Bradford said...

Hey! I'm with you too! Thanks for joining our Linky Party! This has to be the year! My daughter is getting married...it doesn't take 21 years for me to lose the baby weight! Ha ha!

leemeandthegirls said...

LOVE THIS POST! I'm having a resolution link party at my blog this week and would LOVE for you to join in the fun! www.leemeandthegirls.blogspot.com
Hope to see you soon.:)

christymg said...

Tag, you're it! Stop by my blog to read the post and pick up your questions.

Heather B {dreaming big} said...

My goal is to get back to the gym a few times a week. I've lost all my baby weight but everything is really...loose shall we say? Gotta tighten up!

Laurel said...

what a year!
what a journey!
You got this, my dear.
Here's to 2012 being the best year yet.


Laurel said...

what a year!
what a journey!
You got this, my dear.
Here's to 2012 being the best year yet.