January 4, 2012

Wednesday: Did You Know?

1. It is awesome to see the kids do things together and actually get along. I feel like I'm usually diffusing a bomb between them most of the time. You never know when the tension is going to explode. I know they love each other a bunch, but they also try to get each other in trouble and it drives me crazy.

2. Wiggles has been getting teeth the past week and trying to survive his first ear infection. Let's just say he is NOT happy and NOT sleeping. Poor Scott has been so awesome. This is a picture of him catching a few minutes of sleep before he left for work. He was up all night with Wyatt. What a great dad and awesome husband. 

3. I love taking pictures when I am in the car (I get bored driving) and Scott is a good sport.

4. Scott received a very generous Gift Certificate to Outback Steakhouse from one of his gym members. It was a Christmas Gift. The family had been unemployed for a few months during the year and Scott still let them use the gym even though they couldn't pay their memberships. (My Scotty is AWESOME) So the family gave Scott this nice gift as a gesture to say thank you. I couldn't believe how thoughtful they were to say thank you in such an extravagant way. We sure enjoyed using the Gift on New Year's Eve. Here is Scott coloring at the table. He is such a kid. But actually a REALLY great color-er. (is that a word?) 

5. This is not a super great photo, but I love Sawyer's cheeks in it. My little man. (I do not love my cheeks in it. Or my chin.)

6. Here is a picture of my little Farm Town at dusk. I love living here. There are only a handful of street lights and stores, but it is home to the best people in the WORLD. I love you Blackfoot.

7. Don't let this smirk fool you. He has been tears for a week. I'm so glad that he is finally feeling better. We missed our happy Wiggles.

8. I had a severe lapse in judgement after a phone call with Amber {my super awesome SIL} yesterday and decided I should try to potty train Sauce. He turns 3 in a few weeks and  you would think that he would be ready. In my head I knew I should wait a bit more, but then I thought...oh heck, just try. So I used up his last diaper, put him in undies and bought some pull-ups (PRINCESS ones dang it. I was in such a hurry I didn't even notice they were pink. He was not thrilled) After 6 pair of wet underwear this morning and one pair of poopy (gross) I gave up. I lasted about 15 hours. PATH-e-TIC.

9. Wyatt ate his first piece of pizza last night. The whole piece. 10 months old. Amazing. The Peterson's know how to eat!

10. Oh Kate. This girl is giving me a run for my money. I love her. I love her. I love her. {repeat to self before you explode} She is cute and naughty and messy and snotty. Heaven help me. Please?


Neighbor Cathy is really sick and that just makes me sad. I took her some soup and cough drops yesterday but she sounded terrible. I much prefer seeing her out in her garden that sick in bed. I told her that it would be a good break from swearing at her dogs. She mustered a small smile. I love you Cathy. Hope you feel better.

Bonus II:

I am doing awesome. I am so good. AMAZING. WONDERFUL. AMAZING. I feel great and feel NORMAL for the first time in a year. Can you believe that I was cut open three weeks ago today and I feel THIS awesome? I can't!

Scary Bonus:

Scott and I were asked to speak at a Stake Single Adult Fireside in a few weeks. I'm excited and nervous. I have to figure out what I should speak on. I'm really bad a narrowing things down. REALLY bad. Wish me luck.

Blog Design Bonus:

Don't judge the blog design. I love trying new things and well, I'm experimenting. I don't have much skill, but it sure is fun.

Any Potty Training Pointers?
Any Naughty Daughter tips or advice?
Any topic ideas for my talk?
Are you loving the NEW YEAR??? 

I AM!!!!


Rozy Lass said...

I NEVER began potty training until my four boys were well into the year of being three. Boys are super easy to train with their brains and bodies are ready. Relax and try again in a few months.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I am so glad that you are doing well!

Kimm said...

Maybe you should have Me come and help you potty train Sawyer!!!

Jenna Robert said...

Erin, I'm so glad you feel amazing. SO GLAD. Phew, that makes the surgery and not being able to pick up Wyatt so worth it, right?

I miss you guys. Come to Utah again soon.

PS: The blog is looking killer!

Brandon and Amber said...

What are you doing trying to potty train when are you supposed to be recovering?? I'm sorry about the poopie undies--that is NO fun. He'll get there when he's ready.

I miss you!!

T-Lo said...

Not gonna lie...Sawyer's buns looked awesome in that underwear pic.

Botts said...

Idea for young single adults - live to be the right companion
For potty training - when you take him potty every hour and a half, say it is potty time. Do not make the mistake of asking him if he needs to gso. They say no every time and you end up cleaning up a ton of messes. Also be committed. Resolve you won't go back to diapers no matter what messes come. Consistency pays off BIG. Also, keeping your cool no matter what is huge. Having an,attitude of 'you'll get it buddy' builds confidence in you and them.
Snotty daughter? Fighting that one myself. I talk a lot about Christ and his love. It seems to soften her.
Loving the new year too.
Do you know Kent and Judy Taylor? They live in Blackfoot, I believe on the Rose road exit. It has been a long time since I was there;)

The Sauls said...

New follower from Casey's page :) Love all the pictures. You have a beautiful family!

Ashley said...

just found your blog and loving it!!! new here:)

Heather B {dreaming big} said...

I also found your blog through Casey's...you were cut up?!? Yipes. That does not sound like fun. Congrats on the speaking opportunity - I'm a speaker full time and it's my #1 passion! I'm sure you'll be amazing - just make sure you do a lot of heart prep before!

Kendra said...

You have a lovely lovely family. I feel like I just connected with you on such a deep level after reading this post! What a nice husband to stay up with the sick little one. I might have to hand that up-all-night duty to my hubby next time :)

Nicole said...

Cute family! Your daughter is beautiful!

Check out mines sometime: