April 19, 2012

60 second catch-up...

All of a sudden I feel really busy...like BUSY.

My sleeping baby, easy two year old due has turned into...2 crazy toddlers. I'm not kidding. All of a sudden it seems like I just can't keep up. I'm behind in everything. School homework with the kids, laundry, spring cleaning, cooking, shaving my legs, getting dressed...it all seems to NOT be happening. I swear I'm busy with projects all day long...and at the end of the day I don't feel like I have enough to show for my labors.  And as you can tell..blogging is not happening either.


1. I have an engaged 22 year old living with me. Do you remember the pure giddiness of when you were engaged? It's like living with a ten-year old on Christmas Eve.
2. Dylan is in baseball. His little bum looks so cute in his pants. (Hollie, remember Nate Huntsman and Matt Evans in their baseball pants...what where we, 12?)
3. Scott is excited about a new company in Colorado that he has invested in. More details to follow.
4. Paid my taxes. Super painful. OUCH.
5. Pitched my old couches and my front room is EMPTY. I actually like an empty room. It could be like this for years!
6. Kimm moved to Idaho. SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. I've missed her bunches. She even offered to give Scott and I a Temple Night each month and watch the kids for us. YES PLEASE.
7. The gym hasn't happened yet this week. I'm promising right now that it will happen today, tomorrow and Saturday. I give you my WORD.
8. My little brother has accepted a job with a Law Firm in DC. So proud of him and really excited for him.
9. I just found a pile of Kate's clean clothes in the Laundry room. WHY IS SHE SO LAZY??? This tic's me off so bad.
10. Sawyer pooped in the potty last night people. BE VERY HAPPY!!!

Love to you all. And how are you?


Jaime said...

Laughing my head off at #2. :)

Rozy Lass said...

"And it came to pass. . . " Truly these days will not last. It just seems eternal when we're going through them. Look for the joy, make happy memories and when it's all over you won't remember the bad. Press forward with faith!

Anonymous said...

I think you don't have to swear you're busy. With four kids?? You're amazing!

p.s. - Happy for N.10. I would be even more happy, if my crazy toddler would do the same. :)

Jill said...

A friend of mine just had her 5th baby and had a relative tell her that her life is in "full bloom" right now, that's a much better way of looking at the chaos isn't it?!

coco said...

welcome to my world! enjoy the busy-ness, it will be over in a blink! i love the baseball pants comment! so happy for john-john! and skylar is really good at putting her clean, out-of-the dryer laundry back in her hamper so i think her jobs are done! i've finally learned to check her hamper when she says her room is clean and her laundry is done. one of these days she'll learn that doesn't work!

Harris Family said...

Good luck- glad to know there are others in the boat with me!!