May 9, 2012

9 Years Of Wedded Bliss (Mostly)

Happy Anniversary to Us.
Do you ever cringe when people make their lives out to seem too picture perfect and you wonder what you are doing wrong? Well, I do. Because let's face it...joining two lives together can be hard. It takes work, love, service, sacrifice and dedication. But the end result really truly can be BLISS.

I would say that our marriage has gotten better every year. Things that we disagreed on before have become easy to agree on now. Our different backgrounds, education, discipline, money habits, likes and dislikes have evolved into not "what I like", but into "what WE like".  It is so much better being this far into a marriage. Communication continues to grow, intimacy deepens, respect for each other multiplies and the fact that we have made it THIS FAR...certainly sustains the fact that WE CAN MAKE IT ALL THE WAY. Because, let's be the beginning when you have that first big argument...Eternity seems like a really, really long time.

So Happy Anniversary Scott! I love you. I appreciate you in so many unique and diverse ways. You & I are great together and I am so, so grateful everyday that I "waited" for you and that "YOU" were the one.

Facts about Scott & I that you might not know.

  • I am three years older than Scott.
  • We formally met at church but Scott first saw me at Dallas Robert's when I was in hair-school. I was of course wrapping my leg around one of my friends. No big surprise to those who know me well.
  • I became pregnant with Dylan in our first month of marriage.
  • Scott and I lived at Y-view for our first two months of marriage. 
  • Scott worked at Costco & I worked at e-Wedding bands.
  • After Dylan was born I quit my job and our little family survived on $900.00 a month.
  • We moved to Blackfoot, ID when Dylan was 5 months old. Scott's job didn't work out but we decided to stay anyway because we felt like it was where we were suppose to be.
  • A month later Scott started helping build The Eastern Idaho Auto Auction and worked there for two years making it extremely successful. This is where I was forced into learning to do the accounting, taxes and payroll when their office manager was "let go". 
  • Scott has started 6 businesses in our 9 years of marriage.
    • Eastern Idaho Auto Auction (Employee but helped build it from the ground up)
    • Anytime Fitness Logan, UT (Sold in 2006)
    • Anytime Fitness Blackfoot, ID
    • Anytime Fitness Nampa, ID (Hired to start this facility for a group of investor's)
    • Anytime Fitness Shelley, ID
    • Armor Pest Defense Denver, CO (Recent Investment)
  • I currently keep the books for our Anytime Fitness Center's
  • Scott and I live off 40% of our income. We are very careful about our spending. We save 50% and pay 10% in tithing. Making financial sacrifices now will hopefully assure our financial freedom in the future.
  • Scott gives awesome massages and he spoils me in this department. I spoil him by making him awesome turkey sandwiches. I think I'm getting the better end of the deal.
  • We have 11 Maple tree's in our yard, 4 weeping cherry tree's, 1 choke cherry tree, one sunburst, and 1 camper down elm. I love Tree's.
  • Scott served his mission in Louisville, Kentucky and I served my mission in Seattle, Washington.
  • Scott is from Centralia, WA and I am from Orem, UT.
  • We have three sons and one daughter.
  • We love road trips.
  • Scott loves me being home with the kids full-time, but apart from that he doesn't believe in gender roles. He cleans toilets, vacuums, changes diapers, cooks and does anything around the house that is needed. I love this about him.
  • I am a homebody and Scott is trying to break me of this. 
  • Scott love's to be busy and work hard and I love to play.
  • We love movies and our favorite thing is crawling into bed with a new movie to watch.
  • We love living in Blackfoot and have grown to HATE traffic in other cities because Blackfoot is so quiet and you can drive anywhere in about 5 minutes.
  • Scott likes to call me "snoobs" and I like to call him "buns". 
  • If we could have 6 more kids...we would.
  • We like to sleep in and don't get to very often.
  • Scott dreams of going to the US Open in New York City.
  • I dream of going anywhere as long as it is with Scott. 
That is enough for now!!! It has been a great 9 years, and here is to 9 more!


mgdraney said...

Erin... You are such an amazing example to me!! I love you dearly and am so happy for you!! Will you come to my house and show me what and where to plant my trees?? Then teach me to be as good as you in the financial department. I think that will make us even for the mashed potoatos!! xoxo LOVE YOU CUZ!!!

Someone In Mind said...

Oh Mandy, you are the example. I love you so much. I am so excited for your Ogden Marathon! How are you doing? I just pick tree's that I like and put them where I like. It is after all YOUR yard. And when it comes to mashed are due!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ah!!! Congratulations you guys. I loved reading about what you both love and how you are together. That was really neat. I finally found a man more flexible in the gender roles dept than my husband. I didn't ever think I would...Steve does pretty much all that stuff too, because he loves me and he knows that's how I like his love to be shown...helping around the house!! :) Have a great anniversary you two!

Ashley said...

Congratulations!! Nine years is a great accomplishment!! I love what you said about Scott loving you being home but doesn't believe in gender roles. My hubby is exactly the same way. :)

Brandi said...

Congratulations!!! What a cute family!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! :)

lovinlife said...

Currently being on the other end of that "9 more years" I can say everything does get better and better. I think by you two being more mature when you started out you did things a lot smarter though!
However, May 9, 2003 was also a very special day for us as we welcomed a son into the world after three daughters. We celebrated his 9th birthday this week as well.
I think you two are the cutest couple and have the cutest family practically that I have ever seen! I think you are great Erin, I really do! Love, Abby Taylor
Oh and PS I too have been spoiled by a small town for the last dozen years and it really is the better way to live!