March 11, 2013

30 Day and 90 Day Book Of Mormon Reading Schedules

The Book Of Mormon Forum Challenge is going on today over at BeingLDS:

Ever since I first challenged myself to read The Book Of Mormon in 30 Days I have had a deeper love for the scriptures and a stronger desire to love, serve and keep the commandments. When I Finished my 30 Day challenge I had a complete change of heart. I felt a deeper resolve to live the gospel than I had ever had before. I have had many people download my 30 Day Reading Schedule and I love it when they let me know that they have accepted the challenge. I have decided to include a 90 Day Reading Schedule here as well, so that everybody can find a reading plan that fits their schedule. 

Last night I had an experience with Kate. She had acted out in a behavior that really upset me. My first thought was that we needed to punish her. Really punish her. I even told Scott to go and give her a big spank. Luckily, Scott was more in line with Gospel teachings and insisted we wait and think about it. I was very disappointed in her, so much so that I was crying and really, really sad. I thought about how Enos father must have felt when he didn't think that Enos was grasping the principles of the gospel or trying to keep the commandments. I thought about how Alma must have felt when his son was running around trying to destroy the church and lead people astray. Both of these fathers must have mourned their son's mistakes and prayed mightily for them to feel the Saviors love, to make good choices, and to begin keeping the commandments.

As Scott and I knelt beside Kate's bed we looked into her 7 year old eyes. Suddenly I was much less concerned with her actual behavior, and much more concerned with helping her know and feel her Heavenly Father's love. Reminding her that she is a Daughter of God and that she has more value and worth than she will ever know. I went from almost ruining this sweet experience by spanking her in a moment of anger and rage, to feeling a love for her deeper than I have ever felt before. I sat and held her as she cried because of the sorrow she felt for the wrong she had done. And when I turned out the lights and tucked her into bed she told me she loved me and just how sorry she was. 

And I know that she is wonderful. 

What if I had missed out on that?

I am so grateful for The Book Of Mormon in my life. I'm grateful for prophets that feel like mentors and friends, for scriptures that sink deep into my soul, and for a husband that was able to help me stop for a moment and just think.

Here are two different reading schedules. I really hope you will let me know if you decide to use them. I love hearing about other peoples experiences with finishing The Book Of Mormon, whether it is for the first time or the 100th.

Just read it.

You can click on the picture, save it and print it or download a the jpeg {Here} 30 Day Reading Schedule

You can click on the picture, save it and print it or download the jpeg {Here} 90 Day Reading Schedule

The 30 day chart is available in a different color >>>> HERE.

And if you have a Book Of Mormon Experience that you would like to share...LINK UP!!! Jocelyn is having another great link-up Party over at BeingLDS. She has invited everyone to participate in her Book Of Mormon Forum.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Way to go...I know that feeling all too well...and I'm so thankful for the Book of Mormon wisdom handed down to me and that I glean from its pages! Well-done!

Kiersten said...

Found your link through BeingLDS blog. Thanks for the great schedule! Thanks. :~)

Saimi said...

I'm so excited for this reading schedule!! I'm going to print it for my YW class, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I realize how much more I need the influence of the Spirit in my parenting.Thank you for sharing your story, your example and testimony. I am going to take your 30 day challenge as well as extend it to my 15-16 year olds Sunday School class. I want to read the BOM 4 times a year with the 90 day challenge.

Derek & Kellyn said...

Thanks for creating these! Our Relief Society started the 90 day challange on jan 1 and its been a great experience! They don't know yet, but I'll be challenging them to do the 30 day next! One small error I wanted to make you aware of, 2 Nephi 32 and 33 were missing from the schedule. Pretty sure most ppl wont just skip over the last 2 chapters, but wanted to let you know in case you wanted to update. Thanks again!!