March 7, 2013

Birthday Weekend Surprise Party

As if having my entire family surprise me on my porch for my birthday wasn't enough, 24 hrs later I came home to a house full of my neighbors and friends. 


I walked into the house with my pants rolled up, my toenails still wet and no idea that my house was full of people. 

For the past month Scott had been conspiring with my friends Haley and Shawri to throw a party for me. The food was amazing, the turn-out was great and we had a blast. Thank you so much H & S for all the hard  work. And I look forward to embarrassing you for your own surprise parties. Payback is coming.

We played Minute 2 Win It and we had so much fun. The Boys were against the girls and this led to couples competing against each other. The girls dominated. No surprise there.

Here are my parents stacking dice. My mom won. What?

Shawri and Melanie getting a little close!

Matt and Matt...they won. This cracked me up.

Ashlee won both of her competitions helping the girls to victory.

Kate was so into it. She wanted to play every single game.

Haley trying to get an Oreo from her forehead to her mouth. She killed Tyler and I almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

Scott and his new 4-wheeler prize.

Grandparents and Grand babies. Nothing better.

My 2 younger brothers. Dustin & John.

Papa and Sawyer.

And if you made it this far, here is a little treat for you.

Scott and I playing the ping pong ball in tissue box game. Scott killed me and after looking at his
moves it is no surprise why.


And Scott, this is your payback for hitting me two nights in a row with mind-blowing surprises.
Nice Buns.


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