September 9, 2013

Sunday Thoughts: Sunday On The River

Sunday is my favorite day.
It is calm.

Sunday's energize me. It is my weekly recharge. 

Sunday is a Holy day.
Sunday is a day I renew my Covenants with the Lord.
Sunday is a day of Service.
Sunday is a Family day.
Sunday is a day of Rest.

I often think about the stress and  anxiety I might feel if I didn't have Sunday to just...


But I do.
And I am so. so. so. grateful for that.

These pictures were taken impromptu on our last Sunday Walk. Something about the water and the waves and my sweet family make these pictures depict how I feel about The Sabbath Day perfectly.

Babies still cry.
Kids still fight.
Dinner still has to be made.
Clothes still need to be ironed.

And yet I find more peace on this day, than any other day.

And I know it is because I attend church.
I take the Sacrament.
I think about the Savior.
And I learn about his gospel.

I love Sundays.

And spending Sunday with the one closest to your heart is magical. meaningful. magnificent.

I love him.

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