December 17, 2013

DIY: Christmas Initial Wreath Tutorial Sponsored by The Wood Station

Every year I buy a fresh wreath from Costco.

They are beautiful.
They smell so good.
They are huge.
The are Inexpensive.

But this year I wanted something a little more fun.
So I decided to spruce it up a bit.

Okay, readers know I'm not super crafty and so do my friends.
It isn't often I get crafty here on the blog but this Christmas Wreath Initial was to fun to pass up.

My friends over at The Wood Station offered to sponsor this post and provided all of the materials to decorate my wreath.

Now, that is my kind of Crafting!!!

My List of Supplies was the following:

  • Costco Wreath $15.00
  • Wood Initial from The Wood Station $7.95
  • Glitter $4.95  (This is one of those items that will last and last!)
  • Paint (Already had this on hand)
  • Mod Podge (Already had this on hand)
  • Rustic Bells 2-pack from The Wood Station $1.35
  • Ribbon (Odds and Ends I already had but probably about $2.00
  • Clear acrylic Sealer (Already had this on hand)
  • Bailing Wire (I love this stuff. I purchased 500 feet for 4.95 at Cal Ranch and it has lasted for years.
  • A small screw.

I used my favorite crafty minion (Kate, see below)  to paint for me. Ikea kids bowls and a big cookie sheet are the support for minimizing the painting mess. Apply one or two coats of paint on each side and make sure to be careful to smooth any thick edges. I didn't even paint my Letter. It came in a great, smooth condition. 

Once the paint was dried we applied Mod Podge the entire Letter. We did this super fast and I would recommend slowing down a little and taking your time. I only applied it to the top Letter and not to the sides.

You will want to glitter your Letter as soon as the Mod Podge is on because it will dry fast. You can apply the Mod Podge in sections if it is easier because I did miss some spots and you can tell where the glitter isn't as thick.

I pour the entire bottle of glitter on the letter and shack and move it around. This helps it disperse evenly. Then I pick up my letter and shake the remaining glitter off and dump it onto a large piece of paper. Then I bend the paper and put the glitter right back into the bottle. I only used 1/5 of my bottle of glitter doing this large letter. It goes a long way!

Let your letter dry for 20 minutes or so.

You can start making your bow while it dries.
There are many ways to make a bow and I did mine like this.

After I tied my bow I attached the bells using some decorative wire, but you can use any kind and I love bailing wire, which is cheap!

I sprayed my Rustic Bells with Sealer first so that the rust wouldn't get all over everywhere. It also darkened the color a bit.

Then I cut up my ribbon into about 7 inch pieces and layered them across the bow. 
I then used two pieces of ribbon to tie around the whole bow to keep them together.

I used a wire to attach the bow to the Letter.

I wanted my Initial to hang slanted a little on my wreath.
I put a screw in the base of the letter so that I could use a wire and tie it to the wreath to help it stay slanted. Oh ya, almost done.

Then I used a burlap ribbon to attach the Letter. This worked great for me because I used an R and a P and both of these allowed me to just tie the bow around the top. You might have to get a little more creative with an W or an X! Maybe use the screw method which I used for my slant.

 Now wasn't that easy.

Simple and Easy.

And guess what. I can just take my initial off after Christmas and store it until I buy my next Costco Christmas wreath!

Let me know if you end up making a wreath. 
I'd love to see your pictures too!

Email them to

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

*The Wood Station is Located in Blackfoot, Idaho.
If you are ever stopping by, I suggest you drop in!

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Melissa Cortes said...

I got a bunch of my stuff for the tree I donated to the tree fantasy there. :-) they are awesome.