December 7, 2013

12 Gifts For Christ

Well, we are 7 days into December and so far the holiday is feeling wonderful. I'm trying really hard to focus on Christ this year with my family. We have started some new traditions and focused less on some old ones. I'm finding lots of great ideas from the blogosphere and a few that just sort of fell into my lap.

This book is one of those tools that has helped me refocus my vision of Christmas and what I want it to be for my family.

About a month ago my friend wrote on Facebook that she was already dreading Christmas and the stress and the hoopla.

Dreading Christmas???

Wow. Just typing those words make me fee scrooge-ish.

I wanted to make sure that I didn't dread Christmas this year so I evaluated some of the things that make the season seem stressful to me.

I checked *Send Christmas Cards right off my list. This seems to stress me out each year and I always procrastinate it anyway.

I decided instead to focus on 25 people that have helped me feel closer to Christ this year, and to send them personal letters or notes. Immediately I got excited about this idea. Really excited, and I felt warm and happy just at the thought of it.

So, no I ask you, how are you feeling about Christmas this year?
Are you stressing yourself out?
Taking on too much?
Worried about finances and affording the purchase of gifts?

Maybe you need to stop and check some things off your list. What are you doing to focus on the Savior?

I think we all mean to stop and focus on Christ, but it is hard with the society that we live in to really skip the commercial Christmas and create our own Christ-Centered, meaningful one.

Without giving too much of this book away I will tell you that it really inspired me to stop and THINK about what gifts I was going to give to my family and what gifts I was going to give to Christ.

Last year I gave away my love of television. As we sat around the Christmas Tree, each member of my little family picked something that they would give or do for Christ. I can't remember what everyone said but I do know that Kate chose to be modest always, and I chose to give up Television. Yes Television.  It did come after some previous promptings (as I already shared with you in this post) and some encouragement from my dear husband...but I did it.

It has now been a year since I have watched anything questionable, inappropriate, with foul language, or that makes fun of sacred things or gospel principles. It was really hard at first. I was raised on TV. I loved it. (well I thought I did).

But I did it. And I'm still amazed.

And because of this small sacrifice on my part, I have been blessed in so many ways.

I've felt the spirit speak to me more often than ever. It is easy to turn off movies that are also questionable. I've simplified my life. I've felt the Savior close by.  And I can honestly feel the difference that no TV has made. It is measurable.

So, going into this season I am thinking about the gifts that I can give to Christ.

This book focuses on 12 gifts that we can give him.

The Gift of Personal knowledge.
The Gift of Gratitude
The Gift of Remembrance
The Gift of Repentance
The Gift of Obedience
The Gift of Emulation
The Gift of Charity
The Gift of Forgiveness
The Gift of Faithfulness
The Gift of Love
The Gift of Healing Balm
The Gift of Joy

Each of the twelve chapters contains a personal devotional with suggestions for application to everyday life. Merrilee Boyack's goal is to find ways for each family to personally enjoy more than the material blessings of Christmas by giving more to the Savior during the season and throughout the year.

This book came as an answer to my hearts Christmas wishes.

You can purchase 12 GIFTS FOR CHRIST here.

I hope you will find time to read it.

Merry Christmas Season!!!

And now your chance to have your own copy!!!!

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Mandi Roth said...

the gift of forgiveness. I hope I win!!! I could really use this book I think!

jezebel said...

this book sounds perfect for the amount of commercialism that has plagued christmas. I will read it regardless of if I win or not.

jezebel said...

oh and I will be giving the gift of a more peaceful mind-less distractions, more time with love ones and more time learning.