March 19, 2014

Basketball Skillz

Dylan is growing so fast. He is turning into such a cute, handsome and happy young man. (Well except for when he doesn't feel like practicing his violin, and then I assure you he is NOT happy.)

Dylan is so passionate about Basketball. I can't believe how far he has come. 18 months ago he couldn't even dribble, and now he is the leading scorer in 95% of his games. He has worked so hard. It is amazing to see what hard work, discipline and practice can do. He went from being the worst player on his team and not contributing anything, to being the best player on his team. He played in two leagues over the Winter. One was a local Blackfoot League and one was a traveling team that he was recruited for.  We have so much fun attending his basketball games and cheering for him.

This team was almost undefeated in the Idaho Falls League. They only lost 1 game and it was when they were missing 2 players and it was to a team that they had previously beat.

Dylan loves his Red Nike's that Santa Claus brought him and he is really into long black socks. Dylan was the tallest player on his 4th grade team. Dylan shot about 50% for free throws this year.

This shot kills me. I'm so nervous that there is going to be hair growing from that armpit in the near future.
His best record this season was scoring 25 points in a game... but he made the most money when his papa came to town and promised to give him $10.00 if he scored 10 points. Dylan didn't miss a shot that game and scored 22 points and walked away with $20.00. That was pretty fun, especially because it was the day of Kate's baptism and all four of his grandparents were there to see him play.

A picture taken right after Dylan won $20.00 off of papa.

It is pretty fun watching your kids get bigger. I love you Dylan and I'm so proud of you.

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