April 1, 2014

Fantasy General Conference - Free Printable

*****here is a link to a current Fantasy General Conference Printable. Mine is outdated and I do not have time to create a new file.


This was a huge hit last year so we are going to play this game again as a family for this weekends General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The last time the winner was Dylan and he got a Super Date with Scott.

I was hoping to win;)

But seriously the kids loved it and so did Scott!

I lost big time so I'm due.

Let me know if you guys have fun playing this game.

There is a list of current General Authorities Here.

Curious about General Conference?  Watch this video.


Marisa Skousen said...

Thanks Erin! My kids are going to love this. :)

Lance and Caetie said...

Awesome idea!! My boys are so into fantasy football right now, they are going to LOVE this! Thanks!

Megan Hanson said...

Love this! We linked your site to our blog post! http://www.latterdayvillage.com/articles/20160329

PML said...

I told my RS group about this. Everyone was so excited to try it. Thanks!

Mama Moose said...

So we use this every conference. Any chance you will update it or can send me the file so I could update it with the new presidency? We honestly love this and it has been so fun! Thanks for creating it!