September 19, 2014

Focused: Keeping your Life on Track, One Choice at a Time by Noelle Pikus Pace

On our flight last week, Scott asked me if I had a book he could read. I pulled out this book because it was next in my line up. He looked at it and tossed it back. (Typical guy thing right?) Two minutes later he leaned over my lap and snagged it out of my bag. I was engrossed in my book, but every few minutes Scott would whisper to me, "This is a good book", "This is a really good book", "I like this book"!
Having finished my book on the first flight, I was able to start reading Focused on our return flight. Now it was my turn to whisper to Scott, "Wowza, this is a good book", "Holy-cow she is amazing", "I want to be just like her"!

Seriously you should read this book. No matter what age, sex, race or sport, you should read this book. This book is a treasure trove of wisdom. Noelle's journey through heart brake, injury, and loss is incredible and the most amazing thing is how she turns these obstacles into win's. Her attitude is contagious and she makes you want to be better at whatever you might be doing in your life.
I think you will come away from reading this book saying, "I want to live life like her!!" And I think she truly believes we are all meant to be champions.

Here is how Deseret Book describes it:
Where are your choices leading you? Regardless of our circumstances, each moment presents us with decision to make. It doesn't matter what question, trial, or success we experience—each traces back to a choice. At any given moment, we can choose to doubt, fear, worry; to be prideful, angry, depressed, or miserable—or we can choose to move forward. We can choose to be a light. We can choose to be happy. The choice is always ours, and each choice can be a step forward on the path of life we want for ourselves.   The life lessons learned by Olympic athlete Noelle Pikus Pace can equip each of us to turn daily choices and challenges into opportunities for growth. In her warm and relatable style, Noelle shares touching personal stories and teaches how these experiences can help us keep a healthy perspective on the things that matter most. She helps us to see that though all of our goals and trials are different, we each can choose to become the best versions of ourselves one day at a time.   Covering topics from letting go of expectations and pressures to finding a healthy life balance, from standing up for ourselves to standing for righteousness, world champion Noelle Pikus Pace infuses readers with the enthusiasm and confidence to get a little closer to their goals each and every day.

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